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You Dont Need To Drive All The Time

New York State and Local Retirement Systems Update

Unlike other cities where youâve got to drive wherever you want to go, you can walk about in New York City or benefit from the excellent transport system. New York City is walkable. You can walk to grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, or the doctorâs office because there are plenty of them all around the city. There might even be one near your home. Most importantly, navigation is quite easy in New York City, so walking around wonât feel like a pain.

If youâve to go somewhere far away from where you live, you donât need to drive even then. The transportation system of the city is massive and quite efficient. You can opt for the subway or a bus for your day-to-day commute. There are taxis and Ubers too if you want a more personalized mode of transportation. You can enjoy a hassle-free, comfortable, and cheaper commute post-retirement if you plan to retire in New York.

Live Where You Can Have It All Without Compromise

The Don Mills neighbourhood is an eclectic mix of urban and suburban in the North York district of Toronto, where culture, world-class shopping, food, and more are at your fingertips.

The artful neighbourhood offers a community feeling, sheltered from the surrounding metropolis. With a history for being one of Canadas first planned communities, Don Mills is known as one of the GTAs best neighbourhoods for families.

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Retiring In New York: Everything That You Need To Know

New York has undergone many changes over the last few years, but it remains an attractive place to retire. There are many things to its credit when it comes to being a prime place for retirement. Its culture, surrounding scenic areas, as well as its unique character certainly serve as an appealing backdrop to ones later years.

Retiring in NYC does not have to remain a dream. But it does make sense to consider some key factors when it comes to making a move. This is to make sure that everything is as comfortable as possible for ones retirement. Read on to find out some things to consider before you make your move to New York.

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Pension And Annuity Tax Break For New York Seniors

New York State residents who are over 59½ years in age could qualify for a Pension and Annuity Income Tax Exclusion of up to $20,000. This effectively means that the first $20,000 a person had in his or her private pension or annuity would not be subject to state income taxes. To qualify for this break, you will have to file a New York State income tax return.

Social Security And Many Pensions Not Covered By Ny Income Tax

A Snapshot of NYSLRS Retirees

The good news for seniors is that Social Security benefits, federal pensions, government pensions, New York State pensions, military pensions, railroad pensions, and some other benefits are not subject to the state income tax in New York State. The bad news is that any income derived from a private source, including investments, jobs, and corporate pensions, will fall under the New York State income tax.

This means that most retired persons living in New York State will have to file a state income tax return in addition to a federal income tax return. Even some seniors that do not have to file a federal return may have to file a New York State income tax return.

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The 10 Best Places To Retire In New York

New York is an exciting state that truly has something for everyone. If you want to retire in the most iconic city in the U.S., New York Citys five boroughs await. To reconnect with nature during your retirement, upper New York also has some of the most striking scenery the East Coast has to offer.

NewHomeSource has rounded up the top 10 cities for retirees in New York. Find the perfect city for the ideal lifestyle in your retirement and get ready to buy or build your New York home for retirement.

How We Determined The Best Places To Retire

Determining the best places to retire takes a number of important factors into consideration. For starters, we checked the tax burden of each city and town. Youll find some high tax rates in these cities, with New York being only moderately tax-friendly for retirees. Since access to medical care is even more crucial in your later years, we also found the number of medical centers per 1,000 residents.

To measure for a fun and relaxing retirement, we found the number of recreation centers and retirement communities, each per 1,000 residents. Then, to ensure you get to spend your retirement with your peers, we also found what percentage of each towns population is made up of seniors.

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Nys Tax Exemption On First $20000 Distributed From Retirement Accounts

If you are NYS resident and over the age of 59½, New York does not make you pay state tax on the first $20,000 distributed from a corporate pension, IRA, 401 or other retirement plan. Married couples get to double that at $20,000 each for a total of $40,000.

If we build on the social security example above, assume you and your spouse are each getting $25,000 in Social Security, and you can withdraw $20,000 each out of your IRA account without having to pay NYS income tax:

Taxes on Retirement Accounts

So, now you are up to $90,000 in annual income without a dime in income tax paid to New York State.

Months Before You Retire

Webinar – New York State and Local Retirement System Update

Estimate What Your Pension Will Be

Finding out how much you can expect to receive is an important step in retirement planning. There are several ways for you to estimate your pension:

Learn how divorce can affect your pension

Read our Divorce and Your Benefits page for information about Domestic Relations Orders , and to learn how divorce can affect your retirement benefits.

Retirement benefits are considered marital property and can be divided between you and your ex-spouse when the marriage ends. Any division of your benefits must be stated in the form of a DRO a legal document that gives us specific instructions on how your benefits should be divided.

We offer an easy-to-complete online DRO template. The template is not required but recommended. Because the review process is simplified for submissions using our DRO template, we can complete our review faster if you use it. We will also need a certified copy of your divorce decree.

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In New York There Are No Taxes On Social Security Income Or Retirement Account Distributions

There are 37 states that don’t tax Social Security income, and New York is one of them. While there are still federal taxes on Social Security for some, New York doesn’t tax Social Security income at the state level, and will only tax some of the income from a retirement account.

Frisch explains how these tax savings work for New York retirees. “If someone has an IRA distribution, a distribution from a 401, or an employer-sponsored pension, then the first $20,000 of distributions come out New York state tax-free,” Frisch says. “You’ve got to be over the age of 59 and a half to get this $20,000 exemption, but it is available for both spouses.”

And Frisch says there are extra benefits for people who spent their careers in public service, working as a teacher, or at a public university like Fisher, who has a 403b through TIAA. “If you have a New York pension, meaning you are a teacher, a policeman, firefighter or a government employee, a federal government employee, or a state government employee with a pension, those pensions in their entirety are exempt,” Frisch says. “Teachers have a TIAA-sponsored plan, and in many instances, those might be exempt as well,” he adds.

When it comes to taxes in retirement, Fisher says that New York’s income tax laws for retirees have been kind to him.”I, in essence, pay zero income taxes,” says Fisher.

Recreations Culture & Entertainment

New York is rich with culture and many American cultural movements first emerged in New York City. New Yorks individuality lies in its astonishing mixture of different cultures. A walk amongst the citys multilingual populace will reveal the diversity of accents and speech patterns. New Yorkers are known for their distinguishing accent.

Active adults either love or hate New York. Popular attractions here include Wall Street, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Niagara Falls, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Watkins Glen State Park, Lake Placid, Ellis Island and Times Square. New York State is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations.

New York City is a significant place for music, film, theater, dance and visual arts. In addition, New York produces many dairy products, greenhouse and nursery products, apples, cattle and hay. The state is a leading fruit and vegetable manufacturer in the eastern part of the country. Some of New Yorks other notable industries include publishing, mass communications, advertising and entertainment.

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New York City Income Tax

Residents of the Big Apple will have to pay an additional Personal Income Tax. This tax is collected by the New York State Department of Revenue, but the revenue goes to the city government. All New Yorkers who earn income will have to pay this tax. Non-residents who live in New York City, even part time, are subject to this tax. The city income tax is included in the New York state tax return every resident files each year.

The standard rate for New York City income tax is $628 for income over $21,000 a year plus 3.534%. This rate increases to $1,455 plus 3.648% for persons and couples making between $45,000 and $90,000. Since the city income tax is filed through New York State, the exemptions to it mirror state income tax exemptions.

New York Retirement Guide

Fact Sheet 19 17 Teacher Shortage in New York State


If you’ve been considering retiring in the Empire State, here is information on the best places to retire in New York. This website has useful data and opinions on the exciting active adult retirement communities in New York. The Empire State has just under 19.8 million people in 2015 with a median age of 38.1. It includes America’s most famous city, the Big Apple, to charming sea coast villages on Long Island from wealthy New York suburbs to the vast Adirondacks from upstate to the Finger Lakes wine region there is definitely a New York community where you can be happy in retirement. The Wikipedia entry for New York has more facts. Updated Dec. 2016.

New York Climate The New York climate is called humid-continental. There are 4 seasons and the climate is influenced alternatively by the Gulf of Mexico and the Northeast. Summers are hot and winters are cold with occasional snowstorms. Western New York has a more severe climate, Long Island more moderate.

New York Taxes

Tax Burden: New York is generally regarded as a high tax state. Total tax burden in New York is the highest in the nation at 12.7%.

New York’s top marginal income tax rate is 8.82% on the top bracket just over $1,000,000.

Social security exemption. Social security is not taxed.

Sales Tax: State sales tax is 4.0% but many towns and cities can and do add 5% additional tax.

Here is more information about taxes for senior citizens in New York.

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Ny Education Department Tells Schools To Remove Native American Mascots

Citing a recent court ruling, the state Education Department is ordering public school districts to remove Native American nicknames and masco

Weedsport said it understands NYSED is asking school districts to commit to revising their mascots by the end of the school year, “with the knowledge that making those changes will take more time to complete.” The district said it aims to make sure the community is informed as it handles these changes.

“We appreciate community members patience and understanding as we move forward with this process,” the news release said.

O’Connor also responded in an email to a question from The Citizen about potential cost concerns related to the move.

“A link between the removal of Native American-related imagery and names from school property and cost is self-evident consequently, the District would welcome funding to meet the mandate from NYSED,” he said.

Around 70 school districts in New Yok state still have a mascot and nickname related to Native Americans. In 2013, Weedsport created a committee to review its usage of the “Warriors” logo and name. The district did not stop using either.

The Southern Cayuga Central School District Chiefs, also in Cayuga County, altered their logo to take out Native American imagery in 2008. The Southern Cayuga district considered changing the “Chiefs” name in 2002 but ultimately didn’t.

Staff writer Kelly Rocheleau can be reached at 282-2243 or . Follow him on Twitter @KellyRocheleau.

Is New York Tax

New York is moderately tax-friendly for retirees. It does not tax Social Security benefits and provides seniors a sizable deduction of $20,000 on other types of retirement income. Retirees in New York should have relatively low income tax bills.

On the other hand, the states average state and local sales tax rate is 8.52% and property taxes are likewise fairly steep. The average effective property tax rate in New York State is 1.69%.

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At Least 18 Months Before You Retire

Review your Member Annual Statement

We provide a statement to our members every summer. It lists your retirement account totals as of March 31 for each year. Beginning in 2020, your statement will be available to you within your Retirement Online account. You can now elect to receive an email notification when your statement is available for viewing rather than waiting to receive a hardcopy in the mail.

and make sure both your mailing address and email address are current. Then, in the My Profile Information area of your account homepage, click the update link next to Member Annual Statement By and choose to receive your statement by email.

Take some time to read through your statement to see if there are any inconsistencies with your records . Your statement will show your:

  • Retirement plan
  • Projection of pension benefits

Read your plan booklet

You can find your plan booklet on our Publications page. If you arent certain what retirement plan you are in, you can check your Retirement Online account, check your Member Annual Statement or you can ask your employer. Your plan booklet will give you information on:

  • Service and disability retirement benefits
  • The formula for calculating your retirement benefit, with examples and
  • Death benefit coverage.

Schedule a Pre-Retirement Consultation

Contact us to schedule a pre-retirement consultation with an information representative. You can ask questions specific to your NYSLRS account.

Pay off your NYSLRS loan

Where In New York Are Nyslrs Retirees

Nearly 5,000 New York State retirees receiving $100K or more in pensions

NYSLRS retirees tend to stay in New York, where their pensions are exempt from State and local income taxes. In fact, 79 percent of NYSLRS 507,923 retirees and beneficiaries lived in the State as of March 31, 2022. And more than half of them lived in just ten of New Yorks 62 counties.

So where in New York do these retirees call home? Well, there are a lot of NYSLRS retirees and beneficiaries on Long Island. Suffolk and Nassau counties are home to more than 64,000 recipients of NYSLRS retirement benefits, with annual pension payments of nearly $2.4 billion. But that shouldnt be surprising. Suffolk and Nassau counties have the largest and third largest number of pension benefit recipients, respectively, of all the counties in the State outside of New York City by population.

Erie County, which includes Buffalo, ranked number two among counties in the number of NYSLRS retirees, with more than 33,000. Albany County, home to the State capital, ranked fourth with more than 20,000. Monroe, Westchester, Onondaga, Saratoga, Dutchess and Oneida counties round out the top ten.

All told, retirees and beneficiaries in the top ten counties received $6.5 billion in NYSLRS retirement benefits in 2021-2022.

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Are Other Forms Of Retirement Income Taxable In New York

Yes, but they are deductible up to $20,000. Income from an IRA, 401 or company pension is all taxable. Seniors age 59.5 and older are eligible for the $20,000 deduction. This applies to the total of all retirement income. Any retirement income that exceeds the $20,000 deduction will be taxed according to the rates show in the table below.

New York Isnt Very Friendly And Calm

This is something youâll experience only after youâve moved to New York. The city has plenty in store for people of all ages, but when it comes to the overall vibe, itâs not the most welcoming. Youâll come across some incredibly rude people here. This is because the city is so busy, and the residents are always in a hurry and on edge that they canât help being impatient and rude.

About 8.5 million people live in New York, which makes it very crowded. Thereâs traffic on the roads all the time. If youâre short-tempered or not the most patient person, you might not want to get caught up with the vibe of New York, which is so much more than just the lights, music, and high-life!

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For One Monthly Fee Residents At Kendal On Hudson Enjoy:

  • Safe and Transparent We continue to follow guidelines provided by the CDC, Kendal Corporation, and the New York Department of Health. We review and update as directed and are committed to keeping our residents, families, and staff safe and informed.
  • Maintenance-free living with housekeeping, linen service, building security, and all utilities included
  • Choice of flexible meal plans
  • Community center with dining rooms, lounges, classrooms, recreational facilities, arts and crafts studios, a computer lab, a library, a hair salon and barber shop, and a wellness center including an indoor swimming pool and fitness center
  • Scheduled local transportation to commuter rail with service to Grand Central Terminal in New York City
  • Services available at additional cost including nonscheduled transportation, additional meals, covered parking, and personal services such as dry cleaning, hair salon and newspaper delivery.

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