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Puerto Vallarta For Non

Danger Ajijic Mexico isn’t a safe place to retire ? 2021 –

With 30 miles of coastline along the Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta has one of the largest expatriate communities in Mexico. It offers a high quality of life with excellent shopping and an international airport that makes for easy traveling.

Puerto Vallarta has a colonial feel and breathtaking ocean views that make it perfect for retirees who love the coastal lifestyle. A must-visit destination for decades, it also boasts excellent amenities and infrastructure.

This cosmopolitan city is one of the most sophisticated areas in Mexico there are gourmet restaurants, film festivals, and jazz concerts that all contribute to its vibrant culture.

What Is The Safest Place To Live Mexico

When going through the cities on this list of best places to live in Mexico, I specifically referenced safety in a few of the descriptions.

Please dont think that because I didnt mention safety or low crime rates in the city youre most interested in calling home that means its not safe. Many expats and Mexicans alike feel safe in the cities mentioned on this list.

The safest place to live in Mexico is wherever youre committed to maintaining situational awareness.

That just means knowing what the heck is going on around you which is good practice wherever youre living in the world.

Cost Of Living Comparison

Still researching the right spot to live? Our Cost of Living Guides share extensive resources on all the major expat spots around the world. These guides include thorough breakdowns of the culture, quality of life, vibe, andimportantlybudget breakdowns so you can better plan which spot in the world best meets your needs.

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From The Safest Places To Live In Mexico To The Best Places To Retire In Mexico On A Budget Dont Miss This Roundup Of The Best Places To Live In Mexico As An Expat

Youve decided you want to move to Mexico, but its a big country: where specifically do you want to live? In this post, well explore 11 of the best places to live in Mexico to help you make your decision.

With so many destinations to choose from, there really is something for everyone in Mexico. But even before you dive into this list of best cities to live in Mexico, take a moment to think about what youre looking for in your new home abroad.

Having a concrete list of must-haves will help narrow down your search.

For example, when I was planning my move to Mexico, I knew I needed a stable and fast internet connection for work. That ruled out most small beach towns.

Of the questions every expat should ask themselves before moving to another country, one of the most important is:

  • What sacrifices am I willing to make ?

In order to have a successful move to Mexico, you need to figure out what you absolutely must have to be happy and what youre willing to compromise on in the spirit of adventure.

Do You Have Enough Saved To Retire In Mexico

Top 5 Safest Places to Retire in Mexico

In the U.S., the average retirement account balance is around $65,000, according to 2019 data from the Federal Reserve. Plus, retired workers averaged a monthly Social Security benefit of around $1,657 as of 2022. With an average cost to retire in Mexico of $30,000 a year, many Americans can retire comfortably by meeting the average retirement savings numbers.

This is why knowing the kind of lifestyle you want to live in retirement is the first step toward saving for retirement. It helps you determine how much and how aggressively you need to save. Youll need to save even more if you want to retire early.

Retirees in Mexico who are 60 or older and have a resident visa can also take advantage of Mexicos retirement benefits program, Personas Adultas Mayores. This offers savings for healthcare, transportation, hotels and even museums. Dont forget that you can also save easily by shopping at local markets and buying fresh.

It will also help to be aware of the costs of international money transfers and currency exchange. If you find yourself constantly transferring money to and from the U.S. and exchanging USD to pesos , that can take a dent out of your precious retirement savings. In these cases, youll want to open a Mexican bank account and find ways to transfer money internationally for free.

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  • Oaxaca City, Mexico. I havent written up this as a full detailed budget post, but I lived in Oaxaca for six months in 2016. The pace of life is different inland, and the city is at altitude . There is also a large expat community of snowbirds. There is a rich cultural and food history. I wrote a detailed guide to visiting Oaxaca. Budget-wise, my rent was half of rent in San Pacho and for more space. If youre looking at long-term rentals , you can find a two-bedroom on the edge of Oaxaca Centro for less than USD $300. Food is affordable and the city has some of the most famous restaurants in the country.

The Safest Cities In Mexico To Work Remotely

The media often highlights the crime rate and drug-related dangers, but theres a safer side that rarely makes headlines. So, all in all, is Mexico a safe place to live as a digital nomad? For us, its a resounding yes. With a little common sense and knowledge of where the safest places are, youll be just fine.

The rich culture, delectable cuisine, 35 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and a mixture of coastlines and sprawling cities, Mexico has lots of qualities remote professionals look for in a temporary home. Ahead, well dive into the beach towns, big cities, and the places in between that we found to be the safest cities in Mexico.

When picking each safe place, we consulted the 2020 Mexico Peace Index from Vision of Humanity and US State Department reports for Mexico travel advisories, then refined our list based on a remote workers needs. Things like wifi speeds and reliability, costs of living, public transportation, and access to unique experiences were all considered for our list of the safest cities in Mexico. Lets get to it.

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Dont Rush Into A Decision To Retire In Mexico

I know you have waited a long time for this dream. To retire in Mexico is something many people spend decades thinking about.

It may seem obvious to many, but for others, the dream in their minds is far different than reality.

If you have never lived in another country before, it is incredibly different than spending a few weeks on vacation there.

You will need to navigate setting up services like the internet in a foreign language. What visa will you qualify for? Will you spend the whole year in Mexico or will you be a snowbird?

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself before you even consider the best places to retire in Mexico.

Have you looked at other countries to move to for Americans?

Have you visited several different places in Mexico at different times of the year so you know exactly what the weather will be like?

All I want to ensure is that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you sell everything you own and retire to Mexico.

Do your research, and that includes visiting Mexico as many times as you are able to before committing to a full-time move.

Another thing I recommend doing is speaking to expats who have been living in the city or town you want to move to. Thanks to Facebook this is relatively easy.

There are so many Facebook groups to check out including Expats in Mexico. You can start here and try to find people who live where you want to live.

Best Safest Places To Retire In Mexico

Cheapest and safest place to live in Mexico? La Peñita de Jaltemba Nayarit Mexico.

Like one of the other commenters, Merida is rated as one of the safest cities in North America. It has a pretty vibrant expat community, great health care, and overall seems like a great place to retire to. As long as you can deal with the hot and humid weather there.

Do your research with your feet? The best way to figure out where you want to be, is to go there! Mexico is an amazing country and has lots to offer. Got to a few places and stay there for 3-4 weeks and see how you feel about each place. I would be very reluctant to do ‘research’ from afar. There are just too many things that you will never be able to learn without being there.

It would also be helpful to provide your age, QOL expectations, budget, activities your interested in, proficiency in Spanish, etc.

FWIW – I have been in MX since Aug trying to figure out if it is a place I would consider living long term. I have been in the higher elevations and the milder climates, since I like the eternal Spring climates with occasional trips to beaches.

Hey there – I’ve been doing the same and will probably settle in CDMX. I’m a city person and Mexico City’s climate and arts/museum/food scenes suit me best.

Interesting. What towns / cities are you considering, if you don’t mind me asking?

Can’t speak to Bucerias myself, but I do recall hearing about the expats there being pretty gate-keepy. I think that goes for a lot of the small beach towns in that part of Mexico, unfortunately.

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Seven Of The Safest Cities In Mexico

With a stunning beaches, ancient ruins and charming towns, Mexico is a very popular destination for travellers. Saying that, many potential visitors can have some concerns about the safety of the country – mostly due to stories of violent crime, often the result of organised crime and drug cartels.

Despite this, there are many parts of Mexico which are not only safe to visit, but are friendly places with beautiful surroundings. Just keep in mind that there are some precautions you should take while travelling to Mexico – stick to well-lit areas at night, leave your passport in your room, and dont carry excess cash on you. When out at night, keep an eye on your drinks, don’t walk home alone at night, and stay away from drugs .

If you take these basic precautions and choose your destinations well, you should have a fun and safe trip to Mexico. Here are just a few of the safer cities in Mexico which are well worth visiting.

Safest Places To Live In Mexico 2022

Yes, you can live safely in Mexico despite what the media is telling you. Here are the 9 safest places to live in Mexico. Retirement planning is not just about finances and health maintenance. Its also about lifestyle, adventure, and comfort.

No doubt, finances are the key deciding factor in deciding the right place to live. But the affordable cost of living alone doesnt guarantee a comfortable lifestyle for many retirees. You also have to consider the quality of living and safety of life and property is a prominent factor that determines the quality of life prevalent at a place.

If Mexico is a country on your list where you would like to live during retirement, you would want to know how safe it is to do so. If you are reading this article, you must have encountered suspicions about safety in this Latin American country.

Yes, the allegations are correct for some parts of Mexico but you should acknowledge that many places in the country carry low crime rates and higher safety levels for residents. Some of the cities in the country are friendly towards expats and retirees. Here is the rundown of the safest places to live in Mexico. But before we move to the names of these cities, lets appreciate a few facilities that make Mexico an attraction for expats.

Table of Content

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Is It Safe To Retire In Mexico What Retirees Need To Know

Its happening! Youve decided to retire in Mexico! Youve been dreaming about this for decades, and the time is finally now! You are bursting at the seams and telling everyone!

And their response?

What? Are you insane? Mexico is dangerous! Youll be kidnapped!

We know. We hear it time and time again. Mexico is not safe. Its all over the media. But does that mean you shouldnt retire there? Is it safe to retire in Mexico?

Lets delve into the nuts and bolts of what every expat retiree needs to know before making the move.

How Much Do You Need To Retire Comfortably In Mexico

Top 5 Safest Places to Retire in Mexico

Depending on where in Mexico you retire, youll need anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per year. Of course, if youre willing to live a more modest lifestyle, you can get by on much less.

Mexico is a great place to retire because of its warm weather, easy-going culture, and low cost of living. In addition, the Mexican government offers a variety of incentives for retirees, including discounts on health care and property taxes.

So depending on your needs and budget, retiring in Mexico can be a very affordable option.

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So Where Does All This Violence In Mexico Come From

Its not coming from Luis from the corner shop. Or Maria from the restaurant. Its primarily coming from the cartels, not your everyday citizen walking the streets.

The cartels have a bad rap, and its well deserved. Theyve earned their bad reputation. And then some. The cartels are big business, and most of the demand for drugs comes from the U.S. and Canada.

For decades, the cartels have been smuggling meth, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and humans into the U.S. They regularly target other cartels over territory skirmishes and turf wars. So, the murder rate is rising, but a lot of that increase comes from gang-on-gang violence near the borders.

With narco-traffickers targeting each other and those that get in their way, its safe to say youll be unharmed in Mexico unless you get involved in the drug trade.

Visas For Retiring In Mexico

Retiring in any foreign country is bound to take a couple extra steps than if you were to stay put in the U.S. For starters, youll need to obtain a visa to reside in Mexico. The duration of your stay in Mexico will determine the kind of visa you need to apply for. Do you plan to stay for a few months at a time, for a few years or for the rest of your life? The shortest option is applying for a tourist visa. These cover your stay for almost six months.

As a retiree, you can choose to apply for a temporary resident visa which lasts for up to four years. To get the process started, visit your nearest Mexican consulate. Your eligibility depends on your assets. For one, youll need to provide proof that you can support yourself as a retiree on funds youve made outside of Mexico. The minimum monthly requirement is about $1,620 in net income for an individual. You may also choose to provide bank statements for the last 12 months that show an average balance of at least $27,000.

If you choose to stay longer than four years, you can apply for a permanent resident visa. If you made it to four years with a temporary resident visa, you can fairly easily alter it to permanent status. Permanent resident visa status allows you to work in Mexico. To qualify, you must show investment statements with an average monthly balance over the last 12 months of $107,000 or a monthly net income over the last six months of at least $1,620.

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Mexico Is The 7th Most Visited Country In The World

Contrary to often-sensationalized media reports, Mexico gets a bad rap though its not totally undeserved, as there are unsafe parts of Mexico.

However, American and international travelers still flock to Mexico year after year So if it were that unsafe, Wouldnt people stop going?

According to Statista, Mexico was the top travel destination for international travelers in 2021, with about 32 million visits

A similar finding Statista shows Mexico as the most visited country in Latin America in 2020 and numbers are only continuing to rise.

With such a sinister reputation, and so many people convinced all of Mexico is unsafe for travel, it seems people would want to avoid Mexico at all costs. However, the numbers show that the exact opposite is true, and that tourists love Mexico.

safest cities in mexico for TOURISTS

Us Department Of States Travel Advisory Level

Top 10 Best Cheap Places To Live Or Retire In Mexico Comfortably

The DOS established four travel advisory levels to convey the safety of travel to a particular country or part of a country.

Only Mexican beach towns with level 2 assigned were considered for the list. .

In some cases, one country can have several travel advisory levels assigned to different areas of the region. In fact, this is the case for Mexico.

Below is the Travel Advisory map from the DOS website, depicting the varying advisory levels for Mexico.Note:Level 1: Pale YellowLevel 4: Red

  • Department of State Travel Advisory Map of Mexico

Notice the varying travel advisory levels assigned across Mexico. In particular, the beach cities Puerto Vallarta , Acapulco & Mazatlan . These towns were not even considered for the Safest Beach Towns in Mexico list due to the higher advisory levels.

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