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Semi Retired Retired Jobs

Full Time to Semi retirement / Job hunting after 60 / What I will be doing to prepare.

Posted: Semi retired retired Jobs. This is a self employed role, working 1 or 2 days per week, on a seasonal basis between April and September. Part-time hours: 16 per week.. Retired/Semi Retired Part-time Painter required to paint/maintain wooden garden buildings both inside and outside on display site..

Benefits Of Becoming A Truck Driver After Retirement

Posted: 2. Employee Benefits. Employee benefits are another good reason for retirees to drive a truck. Most trucking companies pay good benefits, including retirement plans and life insurance, which can provide a retiree with extra financial security. Benefits often include prescription drug coverage, medical, dental, and vision.

Grocery Shop For Others In Retirement

How about going grocery shopping and making money instead of spending money? You can do it as an Instacart shopper. You know the drill, because you likely have run into armies of Instacart shoppers while shopping for your own groceries: Instacart employees are shopping for, and delivering to, folks shopping from home or work.

You have two options when you wear the Instacart green: Just do the shopping as an in-store shopper and have someone else deliver. Or do the shopping and the delivering as a full-service shopper. As a full-service shopper, youre an independent contractor who must have access to a car. You choose your own hours and will shop and deliver orders. Instacart does not post salary levels, but says personal shoppers make around $17 per hour.

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Become A Restaurant Host In Retirement

If youve been out and about lately, especially at restaurants, now that things are opening up, you see the sad truth: Theres a critical shortage of restaurant staff, so much so that restaurants around where I live are cutting back on their operating hours, the number of days theyre open, their menus, and more at a time of year theyre typically expanding their hours. Theyd love seasoned personnel, and retirees fit that bill.

If youre not one to keep food orders straight or carry trays of hot food, consider becoming a restaurant host. Here, youll take reservations, meet and greet diners, and more. The average salary is about $28,000, according to Glassdoor. But with the shortage of staff, some restaurants are offering higher pay and bonuses to lure employees. Perks include free food in some restaurants. You may also take part in sharing tips. And if youre in resort areas, such as Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Fort Myers, Fla., jobs may be even more plentiful. So might the perks.

Work At A National Park In Retirement


Working at a national park has been a dream of mine. Maybe its yours, too? Ive profiled RVers who tour the nation, sometimes stopping at national parks or other locales for service work work.

Remember, these side hustles, at national parks, summer camps, ski resorts and guest lodges, are mostly seasonal, and a good resource is Cool Works. It lists postings from employers in gorgeous locales around the U.S. Youre not going to become a forest ranger, but will more likely see job listings for reservation clerks, gift shop employees, and cooks, as well as land and water shuttle drivers. Most of these employers would like you for the full season, but the shoulder season, when students have to return to college, almost always has openings. Pay hovers around minimum wage, though that could be higher in 2021 with so many job openings. Some even offer lodging in dorms or homes, or if youre that RVer, you may get a free hookup.

Now this is a cool side hustle.

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Working For The Fun Of It

Youve worked for a paycheck. Youve worked to support loved ones. Youve worked for any number of reasons. If youve finally retired, why not work just for the fun of it if you can? A quote credited to Confucius might sum it up best: Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Become A Bartender In Retirement

Are you a skilled mixologist at your home bar? Why not take it to the streets. Make that a restaurant, juke joint, casino, fancy hotel bar you name it.

As increasingly more bars are moving to full capacity again, there will be more of a need for bartenders. I dont have to tell you what a bartender does, but the more skills you bring to the table, the better, and those skills include being social, quick on the draw and a deft touch. notes that bartenders make on average approximately $22,000 in the U.S. and as high as $26,400. The perks: Hey, good bartenders are tipped well.

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Think About What You Want To Do Next

Stepping away from a full-time career is an opportunity to consider what youre looking for in your work. Consider the values that are important to you. Do you want to move into the nonprofit space? Is it important to you to maintain social connections? Also, catalog your skills and determine what jobs would help you use them. And dont forget to consider the things you dont want to do. “Take 5 minutes a day to jot your ideas down as part of your planning,” Farrell says.

Introspection alone isnt always enough, Farrell adds. Also, reach out to friends, colleagues, and family and ask them for feedback on your skills, strengths, and potential next moves.

The Best Parts About Working Scaled

Benefit of Semi Retirement Plan before retirement

Done right, being open to taking on scaled-down retirement jobs has only upsides. Everyone will have to decide what done right looks like for them. I set my own working in retirement guidelines and stuck to them to leverage the work experience in my favor. Aside from getting to meet and work with some awesome people, heres what I loved most:

Money wasnt my motivation, it was learning and doing something I had interest in

I had established my retirement funding to cover things regardless of my working. Anything I earned would be added to our overall net worth, not increasing our budget or spending. It freed me to purposely target opportunities based solely on interest. I could ask myself, if money was removed from accepting this position, would I still want to do it? There are some things, like herding cats that no amount of money could get me to do.

This mindset also made it easy to decide when it was time to end the job experience. I retired early again without hesitation from an encore career that paid more than my first long career. This mindset provides empowerment. No longer shackled to unrewarding work, unreasonable management, or a toxic work environment because of the need for a paycheck.

The ability to leave it at the end of the day and not take it home

The pleasure of having absolutely no pressure to over perform

Being able to refuse accepting the thieves of personal life: On-call and overtime

Free from legacy obligations

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What Is A Good High Paying Part

There are many high paying part-time jobs in different industries. For example, some part-time positions that pay well above the minimum wage include:

  • Computer support/tech support specialists: The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that median wages are $26.33 per hour. If you have the knowledge, you can offer your services part time and command a high wage.
  • Exercise trainers/fitness instructors: According to the bureau, the median hourly wage for trainers and instructors is $19.42. Again, you can often teach classes or arrange meetings with clients on your own schedule.
  • Medical transcriptionists: The median average salary for this profession is $16.05 per hour according to the bureau and many people can do it from home.

Become A Personal Coach Or Mentor

Younger adults need the knowledge and wisdom youve accrued over the last few decades. Give them a helping hand and pay forward the help youve received over the years.

You can do this on a volunteer basis and give away your time, or you can charge for it and earn some extra money. Once youre confident in your abilities and client base, you can opt to quit your day job and set your own hours.

If youre interested in becoming a career coach, consider getting your Certified Professional Career Coach certification. Alternatively, you could work more broadly as a personal coach. Start your exploration into the field at the International Coach Federation.

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Get Paid To Participate In Clinical Trials In Retirement

If you’re willing to be a human guinea pig, you can pad your pockets by participating in clinical research trials. Compensation depends on the nature of the trial and the amount of time involved, but payment can range from a few hundred dollars to $4,000 per study.

Legitimate studies are sponsored by medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Youll be required to undergo a health screening to determine if youre eligible to participate. Come-ons for clinical trials litter the Internet. Many are scams. The safe play is to pursue studies that are actively recruiting participants at, a database run by the National Institutes of Health. Search by location to identify local trials.

C You Can Continue Working And Not Receive Your Retirement Benefits


If you decide to continue working and not start your benefits until after full retirement age, your benefits will increase for each month you do not receive them until you reach age 70. There is no incentive to delay filing for your benefits after age 70. Continuing to work may also increase your benefits, because your current earnings could replace an earlier year of lower or no earnings, which can result in a higher benefit amount.

If you are not receiving your Social Security benefits when you turn 65, you will need to apply for Original Medicare three months before you turn 65. If you dont sign up for Medicare Part B when youre first eligible at age 65, you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty for as long as you have Medicare coverage.

However, if you or your spouse are still working and covered under an employer-provided group health plan, talk to your personnel office before signing up for Medicare Part B. Once the covered employment ends, you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period to sign up for Part B. If so, you wont have to pay a late enrollment penalty.

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What Are The Risks Of Semi

Dont forget that the number one asset you have is your ability to earn money. You dont want to risk going part-time too soon and then not having enough money if you dont want to work at all when youre older. Or worse, if you cant work, like for health reasons.

There is a real danger that if you downshift your career to part-time work, youll have a hard time returning to a full-time job if you need to or want to. Potential employers want economic dependents who rely on their salaries and may view working part-time as lazy or unmotivated.

For this reason, if you intend on being an employee, give this some careful consideration. A far better route is to become self-employed, where clients will judge you by your results and what you can do for them, not a resume! Or investigate the creator economy, where you can earn through meaningful creative work.

Some people shouldnt consider this lifestyle at allcheck out this article to confirm it doesnt apply to you.

Government Jobs For Retirees

Government jobs can be great jobs for retirees because they come with many benefits. Some positions have health and dental coverage for working a minimum of 10 hours a week. This coverage can make a lot of difference to live a stressfree life in retirement.

And its easier to get a job as a retiree or senior at the government compared to the corporate world due to special hiring programs. And you can get free training on the job. So in many cases, government jobs are the best jobs for retirees. And here are a couple of government jobs you can check out:

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Best Pension Retirement Jobs In New Jersey Hiring Now

Posted: 274 pension retirement jobs available in New Jersey. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. New pension retirement careers in New Jersey are added daily on The low-stress way to find your next pension retirement job opportunity is on SimplyHired. There are over 274 pension retirement careers in New Jersey waiting for you to

Money Wasnt My Motivation It Was Learning And Doing Something I Had Interest In

7 Reasons to Work Part Time in Retirement or Semi Retire

I had established my retirement funding to cover things regardless of my working. Anything I earned would be added to our overall net worth, not increasing our budget or spending. It freed me to purposely target opportunities based solely on interest.

I could ask myself, if money was removed from accepting this position, would I still want to do it? There are some things, like herding cats that no amount of money could get me to do.

This mindset also made it easy to decide when it was time to end the job experience. I retired early again without hesitation from an encore career that paid more than my first long career. This mindset provides empowerment. No longer shackled to unrewarding work, unreasonable management, or a toxic work environment because of the need for a paycheck.

It allowed me to experience work in a different way as a paid observer. I was only there to perform my duties and absorb all I could without the pressure of attempting advancement for monetary reasons. I was able to learn, experience different interests, be rightfully paid, and simply move on once the itch was scratched.

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Get Freelance Work In Retirement

Plenty of media, corporate and nonprofit websites are looking for freelancers to write, edit or design content for an average of $30 to $70 per hour, according to the website and Freelance Writing Jobs provide a long list of freelance writing opportunities culled from several top sites, along with advice and tips for freelance writers. offers a wide variety of freelancing jobs in categories such as design, media and architecture or writing and content. For $14.99 a month, you can join Mediabistros MB Unlimited to post your qualifications and get support for your endeavors. Krop is a useful site for developers and designers, but it, too, posts jobs for copywriters and copy editors.

If you fancy yourself a skilled photographer, you can also earn extra cash by selling photos to stock art sites such as and Shutterstock. At both sites, you must apply to be a contributor by submitting samples of your photos, illustrations, videos or audio. If approved, youll earn royalties when your files are downloaded by paying clients. Getty Images royalty rates are 20% for still images and 25% for video clips. iStock royalty rates start at 15% for photos and 20% for videos and illustrations. If you sign as an exclusive contributor to iStock, you can earn between 25% and $45%. Shutterstocks royalty payouts are between 15% and 40%.

Medicare Private Insurance And Post

If youre 65 or older, you likely get health insurance from Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan.

Original Medicare is made up of two parts Part A hospital insurance and Part B medical coverage. You may also choose to purchase a standalone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or a Medigap supplement insurance policy.

Most people dont pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part A. But nearly everyone pays a monthly premium for Medicare Part B. In 2022, the Part B premium is $170.10.

If you return to work for an employer who offers private health insurance, you can take it and still keep your Medicare coverage. Youre allowed to have both.

Medicare may act as your primary coverage or your secondary coverage.

You may consider dropping Medicare Part B if you return to work. Some people do this to avoid paying the $170.10 monthly premium in addition to any employer health care costs.

However, this can be tricky. If youre not careful, you may owe penalties and face other issues down the road.

First, your employer must have more than 20 employees. If thats not the case, you may be penalized for dropping Medicare Part B.

If you have active employer coverage, you can choose to disenroll from Medicare Part B.

Once you lose your employer health insurance or return to retirement, you must sign up for Part B again within eight months.

Otherwise, you may face a lifetime late enrollment penalty.

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The Amazing Tax Benefits Of Semi

Posted by Chris Mamula | May 18, 2020 | Investing & Taxes | 24

I spent a lot of the first decade of my professional life complaining about income taxes. But I never took time to understand how we are taxed, how much influence we have over our tax burden, and how friendly the tax code is to retirees, particularly early retirees.

One of the first posts I read on this site was Why I Dont Fret About Taxes. It was eye opening to see how tax friendly early retirement is. I was further encouraged when Darrow shared how low his income taxes were in early retirement in 2014, 2016, and 2018 with minimal effort to optimize them.

My wife and I are taking a phased approach to early/semi-retirement. She cut back to working part time in 2012, five years prior to my retirement. She continues to work in that same role since I retired in 2017.

Making changes gradually gave us the confidence and courage to begin making major life transitions sooner than we otherwise would have. How does it impact our tax situation compared to full early retirement? Lets dive into the numbers.

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