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Defer Unused Annual Leave

Upon loss of leave eligibility, retirement, or separation employees may defer all, or a portion of their unused annual-leave payment to their TSA and DCP accounts, not to exceed their maximum contribution limits. To do so, employees must submit the Annual Leave Deferral Agreement form no later than their last day of employment.

Retirement For Active Employees

As public servants, State of Texas employees provide critical services to Texans. ERS works to support current and former state employees through the State of Texas defined benefit retirement plan. The State of Texas retirement plan is mandatory for most state agency employees and provides a lifetime annuity when they retire. In addition to mandatory participation in State of Texas retirement, eligible state agency employees are encouraged to contribute to personal retirement savings. To help them with that, ERS offers the Texa$aver 401 / 457 Program, with low-cost traditional and Roth options. Some higher education employees also can participate in Texa$aver, if their institutions offer it. Along with Social Security, State of Texas Retirement and personal retirement savings make up the of retirement income. Please see the for information about your insurance benefits as a retiree.

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Employee & Employer Contributions

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In both TRS and ORP, you and the state will make contributions towards your retirement. The contribution amounts are based on a percentage of your salary, and are automatically deducted from your paycheck on a pretax basis. The percentages are established by the Texas Legislature and may fluctuate over time. View the ORP/TRS Contribution Rate Chart.

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Texas Emergency Services Retirement System

What is TESRS?

TESRS Board Meeting: May 19, 2022

For details, click here.

Volunteer Firefighters and First Responders:

TESRS is YOUR Retirement System

  • Would you like to have on-duty disability benefits and a lifetime retirement check?
  • Does your department provide on-duty and off-duty death benefits for your beneficiaries?

Online Training Option for Departments

For many departments in Texas,providing in-house training and department meetings have been reduceddue to concerns about COVID-19.

The annual tabulation of qualifiedservice for TESRS members includes completion of 20 hours of training. If approved by the department, members can complete online traininghours to satisfy the qualified service requirement.

TESRS providesthe information below from TEEX about its online continuing education program.Use the hyperlinks to learn more about TEEX online training as an option foryour department members.

TEEX Online Training Courses

In todays world of limitedcontact, physical distancing and restrictions on travel, e-learning has ceasedto be just an alternative for many organizations. Online training courses canbe taken in multiple sittings, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days aweek to better accommodate busy schedules. In a mobile world, training isavailable to take on the road, in the café, at home, or any place with aninternet-accessible computer.

Retirement Plan Texas County And District Retirement System

Benefits-eligible employees participate in the Texas County and District Retirement System , contributing a mandatory 7 percent retirement contribution each pay period. Tarrant County funds the retirement program on a monthly basis at a rate that is annually determined by TCDRS to provide Tarrant County employees with a 2 to 1 matching upon retirement.

Employees are considered vested when the employee earns enough service time to be eligible for retirement once the employee reaches the age requirement to retire. Employees are vested after eight years of service. Eligibility for retirement occurs when: 1) Years of service and age equals 75, 2) Employee is 60 years old with eight years of service, or 3) Employee has 30 years of service .For more information, visit the Texas County and District Retirement System website at www.tcdrs.org

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Two Opportunities To Save For Retirement

Texas County and District Retirement System Program

Dallas County employees participate in the Texas County and District Retirement System . TCDRS currently has assets of over $16 billion and handles the retirement program for Texas counties and special districts. The program is mandatory for all full-time and some part-time employees of Dallas County.

Contemplating Retirement – Active Employee

  • Visit pebcinfo.com and select Retiree from the top menu for information about all retiree health benefits and other information.
  • Visit with Human Resources/Civil Service about retiree health insurance options before you retire and keep them up-to-date regarding your retirement plans.
  • The Treasurers office does not manage your retiree health benefits. You must contact Human Resources/Civil Service or you cannot enroll.

Contemplating Retirement – Eligibility

  • To be eligible for employer contribution to your retiree medical coverage, you must be vested with TCDRS and have a total of 10 years full-time, active employee service at Dallas County.
  • Part-time does not count.
  • Work performed for other employers does not count.
  • Prior service credits do not count.

You must have 10 years of Dallas County service to enroll in any group plan and currently in Dallas County health plan.

For additional Information, , or go to Benefits and Deductions:

  • Select the Texas County and District Retirement System link.

Deferred Compensation Program

More Helpful Links to Retirement Benefits Information:

State Of Texas Retirement For Active Employees

Disability Retirement

The State of Texas Retirement program is a defined benefit retirement plan for eligible employees of State of Texas agencies, with mandatory participation.

Note: ERS does not administer retirement benefits for employees of higher education institutions, the Community Supervision and Corrections Department, or Windham School District. If you work for one of these entities, please see the for information about your retirement benefits. Please see the for information about your insurance benefits as a retiree.

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The Ers Contact Center Is Available But Very Busyplease Be Patient And If Disconnected Keep Trying

Demand for service is extremely high. You may experience a long wait to speak with a counselor or get an email response. Additionally, our phone lines are often engaged to capacity. When this happens you may hear a busy signal or get disconnected. Please continue to redial. You WILL get through, and we WILL assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

8 a.m. 5 p.m., Monday – FridayDrop box available 24/7ERS is a tobacco free facility.

Teacher Retirement System Of Texas

The TRS plan is a traditional defined benefit state retirement program in which investment risks are generally absorbed by the state. Contributions go into a large trust fund that is managed by knowledgeable professionals. This type of plan provides stability and does not require any investment decisions by individual members.

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Change Contributions At Any Time

Employees may start, stop, or change their contributions to the TSA and DCP by logging into UT Retirement Manager. For assistance, review the Retirement Manager Reference Video.

Employees may transfer their existing TSA and DCP accounts from one approved provider to another by contacting the local representative for the receiving provider.

Schedule A Counseling Session With A Tmrs Representative

Surprise Medical Bills

You can schedule an individual counseling session with a Member Education Representative to ask questions about your TMRS benefits, view retirement estimates and discuss your options. Virtual, phone or in-person appointments are available Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. 6 p.m. Book your session today!

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