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Access To Affordable Health Insurance

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To guarantee the wellbeing of teachers and their families, TRS has also implemented a voluntary health care program that provides health insurance. This statewide health coverage program includes almost 500,000 members and their dependents.

The program offers four PPO plans and three health maintenance organization plans. Teachers are able to choose coverage under any plan that is available to them. Because some plans are only available in certain counties, you should check with your local county for information about health plans in the area.

You can tailor your health insurance to meet your specific needs. For example, if you want a low deductible with low out-of-pocket expenses, you can pay a little more each month for that benefit.

No matter what plan you choose, each covers a multitude of medical expenses including:

Texas Teaching Salaries And Benefits

If youre entering the teaching world, your primary focus has likely been on how to effectively educate young minds. Youve spent years studying strategies for thinking and planning ahead, preparing your students for future academic success, but have you stopped to think of yourself?

Being prepared in your personal life is just as important as being prepared in the classroom. Obtaining the health care you need and planning for your retirement later in life ensures the wellbeing of you and your family.

As a teacher in the state of Texas, you qualify for an all-inclusive benefits package that includes both retirement and health insurance planning, allowing you to make these preparations confidently.

Learn more about becoming a teacher. Contact schools offering teacher education/certification programs in Texas.

How Do I Apply

Contact DRS about a month and a half after you have returned to work to ask about recovering military service credit. You will then submit information, such as a copy of your Member 4 DD214, to help us determine your eligibility. DRS will review your account as well as the information you provide and notify you of our findings, including an optional bill if applicable. This usually takes 2-3 weeks.

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How Do Survivors Or Beneficiaries Impact The Limit

Does my benefit amount change for my survivor beneficiary after I die?

No. If you chose to provide for a survivor beneficiary, and you die before your survivor does, your benefit transitions to your survivor at the rate you chose . After the transition, your survivors benefit will also be tested.

What happens if my survivor beneficiary dies before I do?

If your survivor beneficiary dies before you do, your benefit increases as if you hadnt chosen a survivor option. If your survivor beneficiary was your spouse or domestic partner, we will continue to use your original benefit amount in your annual testing. If your survivor beneficiary was not your spouse or domestic partner, we will use your new, higher limit amount in your annual testing.

How Much Will Your Investment Retirement Be


The total amount available from your investment account in retirement will depend on a few things.

  • The income percentage you chose when you selected the plan
  • Your income and years of contributions
  • Investment selection and performance

Get a complete picture of your projected retirement income through your investment account. Here you can add your Plan 3 pension and investment income, social security, and any additional retirement savings such as DCP.

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How Do I Withdraw Funds From Plan 3

As we mentioned, Plan 3 has two payout sources and youll withdraw from these separately.

Investment withdrawals

You can withdraw these funds online or use a paper form to request a withdrawal. We recommend online withdrawal because its faster and easier than a paper form. With online withdrawal, your account information is prefilled for you, you can estimate payments and tax withholdings instantly and add your direct deposit information. Youll also receive immediate confirmation that your transaction is in progress.

To complete your investment account withdrawal online, log into your online account and select your Plan 3 account. Under the Quick Access menu, select Request Online Withdrawal.

How can I submit a paper investment withdrawal form?

In some cases, you may be unable to complete your Plan 3 withdrawal online. Or maybe you prefer to complete and mail in a paper form. Either way, weve got you covered here.

Plan 3 investment withdrawal forms

Plan 3 Withdrawal This form covers most Plan 3 withdrawals from your investment contributions. Use it to request withdrawals when you separate from employment or to change your current distribution option if you are already receiving payments. You can also complete this request online.Plan 3 TAP Annuity Purchase Use this form to request to purchase the TAP annuity using funds from your Plan 3 investment account contributions. This annuity is exclusively available to Plan 3 members. Read more about DRS annuities.

Is An Annuity Right For Me

Annuities can provide guaranteed income for your life. And they offer security through a set monthly income which can increase annually if you are eligible for a Cost-of-Living Adjustment . However, flexibility is not a feature of annuities. Once you set it up, an annuity doesnt allow you to change the income amount. Once you begin receiving monthly payments, you cannot cancel the annuity.

With annuities, you take money out of market risk and use it to give yourself a monthly lifetime income. Annuities are the only investment withdrawal option that guarantee you will not outlive your account balance.

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What Are The Criteria For Trs

First, the basic requirements for TRS-Care eligibility are that you must have at least 10 years of TRS credit , and either meet the Rule of 80 at retirement or have at least 30 years of TRS credit.

If you are retired and under age 65 you may enroll in TRS-Care Standard eligible retirees over age 65 can enroll in TRS-Care Medicare Advantage.

There have been a lot of changes to retire/rehire lately. What do I need to know?

The most recent changes to the laws regarding employment after retirement – and they were significant – were made in the 2021 legislative session. Check our list of final bill summaries under the category of “Teacher Retirement System” for information, and watch for our updated Survival Guide, available in Fall of 2021, or call a TRS benefits counselor at 800-223-8778.

I’ve heard about deadlines for buying service credit, can you explain?

There are key deadlines for purchasing service credit, and many employees have lost the opportunity to get earned credit by missing those deadlines. This typically happens with service or compensation that should have been reported to TRS but was not, or for substitute service that exceeds 90 days within a school year. It is very important to check your service record with TRS to make sure that you have properly received all credit if any is missing, you must have your employer verify the information within five years after the school year in which the service was performed.

Elected Or Appointed Official

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As an elected or governor-appointed official, you are eligible to join a state retirement plan. To earn service credit, most elected positions need to earn at least 90 times the state minimum wage each month. Or you can participate if you are already working in another position with a DRS retirement plan.To enroll or opt out, complete this membership form. You can enroll at any time during your elected or appointed service. Your contributions will continue until you separate from employment.

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You Must Request An Estimate

But how do you actually retire? First you request an official benefit estimate from DRS. The estimate takes about 6 to 8 weeks and is necessary to determine your pension amount. Request an estimate through your online account or call us at 800-547-6657.

  • Official benefit estimate:Request the official benefit estimate if you are within one year of retiring.
  • Benefit Estimator tool:If you are still more than one year away from retirement, you can use the Benefit Estimator in your online account to calculate your projected pension amount.

How Does Retiring Early Affect My Monthly Benefit

When you retire early, your monthly benefit amount is reduced to reflect that you will be receiving your defined benefit for a longer period of time. The amount of the impact depends on the amount of service credit you have, the date you retire, your age and the early retirement factor used. If you retire with between 10 and 30 years of service credit, your monthly benefit is reduced by a factor that is based on your average life expectancy. The reduction is greater than if you retire with at least 30 service credit years.If you retire with at least 30 years of service credit, you can choose one of the following options:

  • A 3% Early Retirement Factor reduction for each year before you turn age 65
  • The 2008 ERF, which provides a smaller benefit reduction but imposes stricter return-to-work rules

Early retirement rules are different for members who are first hired on or after May 1, 2013. At age 55 with 30 years of service credit, your benefit is reduced by 5% for each year before you turn age 65.

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More Information About Federal Limits

The IRS characterizes the retirement systems as 401 defined benefit plans. To retain status as qualified plans, the systems must comply with federal regulations. For more information about salary limit regulations, see Internal Revenue Code Section 401. For more about benefit limit regulations, see IRC 415.

For more information see these IRS resources:

See a live or recorded benefit options webinar.

When Will I Receive A Bill

The 24th Annual Summit Series

Once DRS receives your application materials, we will look up the amount of service credit you are eligible to buy. Then we will send you a bill for the amount due.

Once you pay your bill in full, we will apply the service credit to your account. View your service credit balance in your online account.

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Missing Or Withdrawn Service Credit

Service credit is the time used to calculate your pension retirement income. Sometimes customers notice their service credit doesnt match their seniority datethese times do not always match. Often, the difference is because of missing or withdrawn service credit. You may be eligible to purchase some or all of the missing credit. Here is what you need to know about the process.

How Do I Order My Trs Packet

To start the retirement process, a member would need to complete a TRS 18 Request for Retirement Estimate of Retirement Benefits form. The member may complete this form online once they log into MyTRS by clicking the Request Retirement Estimate or Packet link from the left-hand menu bar, or they may download the TRS 18 Request for Retirement Estimate from our website: www.trs.texas.gov complete and return the form to us by mail to the address at the top of the form. TRS will mail the retirement packet within 60 days to the address listed on TRS records.

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Teachers Retirement System Plan 3

TRS Plan 3 has two parts: pension and investment. Your employer contributes to your pension, and you contribute to the investment account. When you meet plan requirements and retire, you are guaranteed a monthly benefit for the rest of your life from the employer-funded pension. With the investment part, you choose when to begin withdrawing funds, which can be any time after you separate employment.

You contribute between 5% and 15% of your wages to your investment account. You select this percentage when you begin employment.

More about Plan 3 contribution rates

Member contribution rate optionsOption A 5% all agesOption B 5% up to age 35 6% ages 35 through 44 7.5% ages 45 and olderOption C 6% up to age 35 7.5% ages 35 through 44 8.5% ages 45 and olderOption D 7% all ages Option E 10% all agesOption F 15% all ages

If you dont choose a contribution rate, your withholding will default to Option A. Once your rate is set, you can change it only when you change Plan 3-covered employers. Changing means working for a different employer, not another division or department within your current workplace.

See a live or recorded Plan 3 webinar.

Death Of A Retired Member

Video #9 â Social Security | TRS Financial Awareness Video Series

Please contact DRS as soon as possible. If the retiree chose a survivor benefit, we must update the account for payments to continue. If the retiree did not select a survivor option, we need to stop monthly benefits to avoid an overpayment. When you contact us, please be ready to provide the deceased retirees full name, Social Security number and date of death.

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Wilson Daily Times Arrests

If you had at least five years of TRS credit by Aug. 31, 2014, and you entered TRS-covered service prior to Sept. 1, 2007, you only have to meet the Ruleof 80 for full retirement benefits, regardless of your age. RULEOF90 THERE IS NO RULEOF90 FOR FULL RETIREMENT.

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Plan 3 Has Pension And Investment Withdrawals

Plan 3 has two parts a pension funded by your employer and an investment account funded by you. These account balances are kept separate and you withdraw them separately in retirement. This separation allows you an important opportunity for flexibility. You can withdraw from both fund sources at the same time in retirement, or you can choose to withdraw from one or the other at different times. Many people choose to withdraw only from their investment contributions and leave the employer-funded pension payments until they reach the full retirement age of 65. You withdraw your pension account funds through DRS and your investment account funds through the DRS record keeper.

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Are You Under Age 65

If you are under age 65 and retired under the 2008 ERF, your benefit is suspended during any months you are paid by a DRS-covered employer unless the position qualifies for an exemption described below. If you are over 65 and retired under the 2008 ERF, your benefit would follow normal return to work rules based on your position and hours worked.

Exception to having your 2008 ERF benefit suspended

TRS and SERS Plan 2 and 3 retirees can continue to work up to 867 hours in a calendar year without suspending your benefit if you work in a nonadministrative position.

Nonadministrative position:

  • Works for a school district, charter school, educational service district, state school for the deaf, state school for the blind or tribal school.
  • Does not require an Administrative Certification, as defined by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, which includes: Principal, Vice Principal, Program Administrator, Conditional Administrator, Superintendent or Program Administrator Certifications or another position that does not evaluate staff.

See a live or recorded working after retirement webinar.

How Can I Apply For A Refund

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The first thing to do is get a refund form from the official TRS website. Once you have the softcopy , you fill it up and get it duly notarized. Finally, mail the filled-in form to the TRS office. Your job is done here.

After that, it is up to the TRS. They will start verifications as regards your records and employment details. The entire process usually takes a month.

However, since the teacher is getting back the money, there will be no pension upon retirement.

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How Do Annuities Affect My Taxes

Each year youll receive a statement that shows the taxable amount of your annuity. Complete a Form W-4P to choose the amount youd like withheld from your payments for taxes. Without a Form W-4P, the tax withholding will follow IRS guidelines using a status of married with three allowances.For more information about taxes, review IRS Publication 575. You might want to consult a tax advisor. DRS and the record keeper are not authorized to give tax advice.

Members Of More Than One Retirement Plan

If you are a member of more than one Washington state retirement system, you are a dual member. You can combine service credit earned in all dual member systems to become eligible for retirement. However, your retirement benefit will be calculated using only the service credit earned in each system.In most cases, your monthly benefit will be based on the highest base salary you earned, regardless of which system you earned it in. Base salary includes your wages and overtime and can include other cash payments if those payments are included as base salary in all the retirement systems you are retiring from.

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Internal Revenue Salary Limit For Active Members

If you began public service before 1/1/96

  • You dont have a salary limit
  • You pay contributions on all salary earned
  • DRS does not adjust your Average Final Compensation for limit testing purposes
  • Your pension calculation is not affected by salary limits
  • IRC section 415 requires that your annual benefit must not exceed the limit. If you dont exceed the benefit limit at the time you retire, it is still possible that your benefit may be affected at a later date.

If you began public service on or after 1/1/96

  • The current year salary limit applies
  • The salary limit is the same for all members and is adjusted annually by the IRS
  • If you reach the salary limit in a calendar year, you stop paying contributions
  • DRS notifies your employer when you approach the salary limit
  • Your Annual Final Compensation is capped for limit testing purposes if it includes the years you exceeded the salary limit
  • Your pension calculation is affected by salary limits

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