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Healthcare For Pensioners In The Netherlands

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The Dutch public healthcare system is one of the best in Europe. By law, all Dutch residents must have basic health insurance , and expats retiring to the Netherlands are no exception.

Some medical care is provided for free but the premium for the public healthcare system is around 100 per month. Then theres an annual excess that youll need to pay when claiming on your insurance policy. The law provides automatic insurance for long-term nursing and care for Dutch residents.

You are free to select the health insurance provider of your choice. Basic public health insurance does not cover dental care and other specialist treatments. As a result, many expats opt for comprehensive private health insurance. Comparison sites like Independer and consumer collective United Consumers can help you find offers. You may also find it easier to opt for a company that offers information in English. Some notable expat-friendly health insurance providers include:

Vancouver Was Ranked The Top City In The Americas For Retirement Here’s Why

Vancouver is one of the best places in the world for retirees, a just-released study suggests.

Those behind the retirement index say they looked at a “range of factors,” including life expectancy and health-care costs, and ranked the West Coast city among the world’s best.

The ranking from Veolar, a company that sells health supplements with a mission statement about living longer lives, puts Vancouver in the 29th spot overall.

Other factors that led to this placement included city infrastructure and accessibility, as well as culture, public parks, events for seniors and other categories under the heading of “liveability.”

Of the Canadian cities that made the list, Vancouver was first, followed by Toronto then Montreal. No other locations in Canada were included in the top 100.

According to those behind the study, the cities were picked based on existing data and “socioeconomic indicators of elderly welfare.” This data was pulled from international organizations, public surveys, crowdsourcing and other sources.

Overall, the cities that did best were: Tokyo, Japan Wellington, New Zealand Singapore, Singapore Paris, France and Vienna, Austria.

Wellington, Singapore and Vienna were also in the top five for financial security, as were Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

But filtering the results to show only North and South America, Vancouver came out on top.

It was in the bottom 12 for ease of travel, the category in which the city saw its lowest score.

How We Compile The Annual Global Retirement Index

Each year, we use our ever-expanding network of editors, correspondents, and contributors all over the world to give us the on-the-ground information and recommendations we need to put our index together

All these people were once in your shoes. All of them wondered if they could nd a better life abroad. Many of them were former International Living readers who took the plunge, and now want to share their love for their new home with the world. These are the people we draw upon to put together our index each year.

We rank and score each of the 25 countries in the Index across the following 10 categories:

Note: Weve given Nicaragua and Bolivia low scores in the Opportunity and Governance categories. Theyre still viable retirement locations, but because theyve experienced political instability in recent years, proceed with caution.

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Retiring In The Netherlands

Of course, the Netherlands is not the most obvious pick for expats to retire in Europe. That distinction belongs to sunnier neighbors Spain, Portugal, and France. However, the Netherlands does boast a high standard of living and a quality healthcare system. These factors alone make it worth considering if you are thinking of settling abroad.

In fact, the Netherlands fared very well in the 2020 OECD Better Life Index. Achieving a table-topping score for work/life balance while also boasting above-average ratings for housing, wellbeing, and health status.

The country also scored highly in the 2021 Natixis Global Retirement Index. It took 5th place for the second year in a row, after all, having risen from 10th in 2019. However, while the country ranked third for mental wellbeing it only achieved a middling ranking of 28th for finances.

Research The Best Places To Retire

20 Best Places to Retire in the US &  Overseas in 2020

Before making any decisions about where you want to live, do some research:

  • Get the scoop on the economy: Visit the site of the local Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Agency to get a sense of the local economy and industries. Most towns also have visitors bureau website that will give you a sense of the population, quality of life, and local attractions.
  • Check out the weather: Use the interactive climate data tool from the National Climatic Data Center to view climate data by zip code.
  • Determine the cost of living: The Council for Community and Economic Research uses data from its annual cost of living index to power a handy cost-of-living comparison calculator. It measures the cost of living in over one hundred urban areas.
  • Ensure that the area has a low crime rate: The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program can give you a helpful overview of crime in all but the smallest American cities and towns. You can also easily access local crime reports once you’ve narrowed your search.
  • Find health providers: Use the web to find the physicians and hospitals available in the area and guides to the best hospitals by location or specialty.

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Where Should I Retire 10 Best Places To Retire In The Uk

Moving away in your retirement can be a daunting experience, especially when youve already become accustomed to living in a certain town, city or village. But, with so many stunning and wonderful places around the UK to experience, it can be tricky to know where the best retirement destinations are. Whether youre looking for the cheapest places to retire, or you frequently find yourself asking where should I retire?, this guide has what you need to make the right decision.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the perfect location, such as the local amenities and proximity to friends, but, to help you get started, heres our pick of the 10 best places to retire in the UK:

How We Make Money

The offers that appear on this site are from companies that compensate us. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they may appear within the listing categories. But this compensation does not influence the information we publish, or the reviews that you see on this site. We do not include the universe of companies or financial offers that may be available to you.

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Who Can Retire In The Netherlands

If youre a national of a European Union , or European Free Trade Association member state, you wont need a provisional residence permit or visa to enter the Netherlands. However, you do need to register with your local council. Your details will be recorded on the Municipal Personal Records Database .

To live in the Netherlands, youll need:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Sufficient funds

These funds can come from any source, including pensions, inheritance, or assets. Overall, your income must be equal to, or higher than, the Dutch minimum wage. As of January 2022, the Dutch minimum wage is 1,725 per month. However, if your income is below this level, youll need to provide evidence that youll have enough cash to live on. Youll also need to sign a declaration confirming youll be economically inactive since you wont be conducting paid work in the Netherlands.

Nationals of some countries do not need an MVV to travel to the Netherlands, but they do require a residence permit if they want to stay for longer than 90 days. These are Andorra, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, San Marino, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, and Vatican City.

If youre from a different country, you may need both an MVV and a residence permit.

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Accessibility To A Doctor

If youre relocating and need to find another doctor, its important that you can get one. Even in smaller towns, there may be a waitlist to get your own doctor.

If you cant find one, youll be thrown back and forth having to explain your medical conditions to different doctors you see. Its important for retirees to have a medical facility and doctors accessible.

The concentration of doctors and how many people live in your desired area is something to take into account so you can get medical care when you need it without any hassle.

Some places are better than others and were going to add this important information to our list of the best places to live in Canada.

A Great Choice For Wine Lovers

The main reason for the growing popularity of Saint-Chinian is its wine. For decades, Occitanie produced vast quantities of quaffable vin de table, but nothing notable. Over the last dozen years, growers have specialized and built on the AOC status and are now producing world-ranking red wines from the original Carignan, Cinsaut, and Grenache grapes, with the addition of Syrah and Mourvèdre varieties.

Indeed, wine is the village economy. Saint-Chinian is home to 2,000 inhabitants, 200 of whom are winemakers.

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Malta Open For Us Citizens

Sitting right at the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta blends the best of southern-European graciousness with one of the best qualities of life to be found in Europe. First-World standards of service and infrastructure, a wealth of historical and architectural treasures from its eons of history, and the sparkling Mediterraneanall in a country one-tenth the size of Rhode Islandensure that this tiny island will keep you occupied.

Malta has three islands, Malta, Gozo, and Comino. The three islands have a total of 122-square miles, with a population of just over 500,000 people. Malta and Gozo are populated, while Camino is virtually uninhabited, having only 1.35-square miles of land.

The weather is stable and the same everywhere in Malta. The average temperature is 72 F. Malta has one of the highest numbers of sunshine hours per year in Europe. Blue skies appear most every day. Cool north-westerly and dry north-easterly winds make life sweet. Maltas ancient cities and villages were laid out to catch the prevailing breeze. Natural air conditioning flows down narrow streets, cooling apartments and houses through windows and vents in the sandstone.

Local, fresh, high-quality food is the standard in Malta. A trip to the market will seem a bargain. Supermarkets carry a wide variety of local and imported food. Better yet, are village shops, bakeries, greengrocers, fishmongers, and butchers. Prices are up to 25% less than in the U.S.

Services Organizations And Clubs For Retired Expats In The Netherlands

The 10 Best Cities for Retirement

Joining a local club or expat group can be a great way of settling into life in the Netherlands. The good news is that there are lots of options available for English-speaking expats.

As a starting point, you can check out our directory of expat groups and clubs in the Netherlands. You can also explore local groups on Facebook or Meetup.

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How To Choose A Retirement Location In Canada

Youre going to have your own preferences when it comes to the best place to retire in Canada.

This could be anything from the temperature to the number of hiking trails near you. You may have already created an intensive checklist to help you find your retirement location.

Your personal preferences are just the beginning. Youre also going to need to stay within your budget. Living in Vancouver, BC on the west coast of Canada may be highly desirable but can you afford it on your budget?

Here are the top considerations when it comes to finding the best place in Canada to retire.

The 10 Best Places To Live In Canada For Expats 2022 Update access award winning services

Seasoned expats know too well that for a successful relocation, knowledge is the key. It’s not just about the country you are moving to it’s about the exact place you will call home.

So, if you know you’re moving to Canada but don’t know where exactly, here are our top choices for the best places to live in Canada.

There are some essential things to consider when choosing where to live.

Some places in Canada have better opportunities than others regarding jobs, careers, housing and schooling, climate and leisure activities.

Average wages are higher than in many other countries, although expenses can also be higher. Check how much money you need to live comfortably in Canada.

Canada frequently ranks at the top of lifestyle lists because it offers good employment opportunities and has decent standards of healthcare and education.

It’s a first-world nation with a very open immigration policy, and the quality of life can be excellent.

Middle-class Canadians can usually afford to live in detached houses. Property costs tend to be cheaper in Canada than in the UK or in the USA, partly because the country is so vast that there is no space restriction.

Having said that, in the most built-up areas, such as downtown Toronto, where there is high demand for space, costs can be higher.

Secondly, life is structured around the winter weather so that sports and community events embrace the conditions.

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Welcoming Locals Create A Cosy Atmosphere

Pedasí is a town with a village atmospherelarge enough to feel like you can live there, yet small enough to make you feel like an active stakeholder in a thriving community. It has to be one of the friendliest towns in Panama.

The infectious laid-back vibe of the locals has carried over to the expats now residing in Pedasí. Not all towns full of expats are this relaxed and friendly. Sometimes its the opposite. In Pedasí, the locals and expats happily welcome others, because it means more friends and more local businesses to share.

Pedasí is a very safe town. Children play and cycle on the streets unsupervised, everyone in town seems to know each other, people help each other out, and hitchhiking is still common practice. The chances of falling victim to even petty crime are slim to none in Pedasí.

Why Mazatln Is On The Comeback Trail

25 Best Places to Retire in Florida

Located about midway along Mexicos Pacific coast, Mazatlán has been out of favor among tourists and expats for decades, and now it is making a comeback. The citys renaissance has been focused on its historic center, which has undergone an impressive facelift and now rivals Mazatláns 20 miles of beach for attracting attention.

From December through March, daytime temperatures in Mazatlán hover in the 70s , and theres little to no rain. Between July and October, temperatures are regularly 85 and warmer, and humidity levels are higher. This makes Mazatlán an ideal choice for snowbirding.

Moving to Mazatlán can be as hassle-free as an international move gets. Nothings as easy as loading up a truck and driving south. Your moving budget could be simply gas and tolls.

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Arizona Is A Moderately Tax

Arizona is retiree-friendly when it comes to your Social Security benefits, inheritance and estate taxesthats because you wont get taxed, allowing you to pocket more money and leave more for your heirs. However, Arizona does charge state income tax as well as taxes on most retirement sources, such as 401s and IRAs, hence the moderate tax-friendly label.

Lets assume youre 65 years of age earning $60,000 a year $15,000 from Social Security, $30,000 from 401 and IRA distributions and $15,000 from working part-time. Your total state taxes could be as high as $1,162 , based on this scenario. While the tax rate is lower than most states, your state income tax bill in Florida, the top-ranked retirement destination, would be $0. It may not seem like a lot of savings, but if youre on a fixed income, every dollar counts, especially considering just how expensive retirement really is.

However, you can also get up to $2,500 of income exempted from federal and Arizona government retirement plans. Retired military service members also get an exemption on military retirement pay for up to the first $3,500.

For those of you who may want to live in Arizona part-time until you fully retire, you should know that to claim Arizona as your primary state of residence so that you can receive these aforementioned tax benefits, youll need to prove that you spend at least 7 months in the state as well as take several other steps.

Houses Are Affordable In Arizona

According to, the median home value in Arizona, as of early 2021, is $314,071 which is slightly higher than the median value for the United States . Compare that to $382,096 in New Jersey and you can see that, generally speaking, homes in Arizona are much more affordable. Arizonians also pay very little in property taxes compared to other states . Based on the median home value, the average annual tax bill is $1,499 .

According to, homeowners insurance in Arizona is relatively inexpensive.

The national average cost for a homeowners policy for a $300,000 dwelling with a $1,000 deductible and $300,000 worth of liability coverage is $2,305. The average rate for Arizona is $1,97629 other states, including Florida are more expensive.

Since housing expenses are the biggest expenses for retiree households, Arizona can help many people reduce this expenditure.

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