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Were There Any Surprises/struggles Along The Way And What Did You Learn From Them

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At one point, I began getting frustrated with the educational path I was on to the point that I made the decision to stop attending college and focus on gaining professional experience.

This is something that I still struggle with, but I have learned that continuing your education leads to pathways previously unknown. There have been topics and areas of study that have fascinated me and led me to pursue more knowledge about them. Ive never shut the door to education, because there is still so much that I do not know. If youre not learning, youre not growing. That has been my take-away with regard to higher education.

Former Student / Sacramento City College

Being in the Music Department at Sac City was a huge way that I made friends I would even say soul mates in college, a huge component of how I found myself in college. Music really does connect you to people forever.

Susanas plan is especially remarkable because when she graduated from high school , she had no plan at all. Shes the eldest in an income insecure immigrant family, and her parents expected her to work after high school. She entertained the idea of community college only because her best friend was going, so she enrolled at SCC.

Through education, Susana learned that her heard voice can be heard, and she can advocate for herself, her family and her community. Barraza for Congress? Why not?

Alum & Emeriti / 2019 / Shown with fellow alum Luba Pislar / American River College

Elevating Human Performance And Well

AASP members work with people of every age and skill level across the performance spectrum to strengthen their inner edge and realize their greatest potential. We serve performers in sport, exercise, tactical, business, arts, and medical populations.

AASP offers resources and publications aimed at keeping members on the cutting edge of the applied practice and science of sport and performance psychology. AASP is the only place to earn the accredited CMPC®. This certification validates professionals’ expertise in helping performers develop and strengthen their mental, self-regulatory, and life skills to optimize performance, enjoyment, and personal development.

When You Think Of Your Future What Do You See Yourself Doing Next Year Five Years From Now 10 Years From Now

I plan to teach in the future. I have been a teachers assistant for three years and I plan on applying for an Instructional Assistant job and gain more experience. After that, I would love to get accepted into the Faculty Diversity Internship Program and become an adjunct professor at LRCCD. I have met so many wonderful people along my journey and I plan on networking and reaching out to explore the fashion industry, the art industry and our community. Ive been working on a community project with the fashion club called Hopefull Totefull where we would make tote bags for first time chemotherapy patients from Sutter Memorial Hospital. We have donated over one hundred totes so far so I would love to have a chance to expand on that project.

Alum / Geography / American River College

In Rebecca Vail’s journey at American River College, she changed majors four times, starting off with Aerospace Engineering before moving on to Mechanical Engineering, then trying out Computer Science before realizing she wanted to study Geography.

“I originally chose ARC because I didn’t have the funding to go to a university. ARC was local and affordable and my mom had gone there,” Vail says. “It’s a great place to get started. And now I had changed my major quite a few times while I was there. And I’m glad that I went to ARC because if I went to a university I would have wasted so much money trying to figure out what I enjoyed.”

Student / Dental Hygiene / Sacramento City College

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The True Costs Of The Tulsa Race Massacre 100 Years Later

On May 19, 107-year-old Viola Fletcher visited Washington, D.C. to testify before Congress in its hearing for the centennial of Tulsa, Okla. race massacre. Im here seeking justice and Im asking my country to acknowledge what happened in Tulsa in 1921, Fletcher, a survivor of the massacre, said.

2021 marks 100 years since the infamous 1921 massacre in Tulsa, in which white mobs unleashed violence against the citys Black people, Black institutions, and Black wealth. An estimated 300 people were killed and approximately 35 acres of commercial and residential property within the Greenwood Districtknown as Black Wall Streetwere destroyed.

In her testimony, Fletcher described what Greenwood had meant to its residents and detailed how she lives with the memories every day. Our country may forget this history, but I cannot, I will not, and other survivors do not, and our descendants do not, she told Congress.

The Tulsa massacre is only recently receiving the national recognition it needs. But even as the massacre itself becomes better known, much of the remaining story of Greenwood is still left untold. In particular, little attention is given to subsequent events in Tulsa, including the rebuilding of Greenwood by its Black residents, followed by its second destructionthis time at the hands of white city planners during the urban renewal period of the 1960s to 1980s.

What Are Newspapers And Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are print publications issued at regular intervals over time. Historically, newspapers were usually issued daily or weekly, but sometimes semi-weekly , bi-weekly , or monthly. Magazines, in contrast, were usually issued weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly . Both newspapers and magazines could be purchased by subscription , or individually, often at news-stands, grocery stores, book stores, train stations, and other places.

There is no absolute way of distinguishing between newspapers and magazines, since they share many features. The main reason for understanding the distinctions is that in a library you will find newspapers and magazines–even digitized newspapers and magazines–in different places.

In general, the purpose of a newspaper is to convey, as efficiently as possible, current information, or “news”, to a particular audience. What constitutes “news” depends in part on the intended audience. Newspapers aimed at a general audience will carry news about politics, crime, wars, economics–just about anything that could interest a general reader. A farm newspaper, on the other hand, might carry news about developments in farming techniques, information about the progress of farm-related legislation through Congress, crop prices, information about county and state fairs, and so forth.

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The Lodge Retirement Community Amenities & Services

Residents have access to Vegetarian, Devotional Services Offsite, Activities Onsite, Outdoor Common Areas, Indoor Common Areas, Beautician Onsite, Activities Offsite, Meals Provided, Devotional Services Onsite and other facility comforts so seniors feel right at home. Our fully-trained staff is always friendly and available to help seniors feel right at home.

We do our best to make sure each resident is able to sustain a healthy, fulfilling life during their stay. In order to do this, our facility has Multiple services to keep them active. After all, one of the keys to staying independent is staying active.

Residents enjoy of a full schedule of social, educational and entertaining activities. Our structured program helps all residents maintain a high quality of life. Many of our activities encourage members to socialize and develop friendships with other residents. We make sure the activities are fun and entertaining.

Do you have any questions or comments about our senior living community? Contact us today, 755-1458.

Hydropower Relies On The Water Cycle

Understanding the water cycle is important to understanding hydropower. The water cycle has three steps:

  • Solar energy heats water on the surface of rivers, lakes, and oceans, which causes the water to evaporate.
  • Water vapor condenses into clouds and falls as precipitation .
  • Precipitation collects in streams and rivers, which empty into oceans and lakes, where it evaporates and begins the cycle again.

The amount of precipitation that drains into rivers and streams in a geographical area determines the amount of water available for producing hydropower. Seasonal variations in precipitation and long-term changes in precipitation patterns, such as droughts, have a big impact on hydropower production.

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Articles From A Journal’s Website

Basic Citation Format for Articles from a Journal’s Website:

Author, A., Author, B., & Author, C. . Article title. Periodical Title, volume, pages. doi: xx.xxxxxxxxxx*


About Digital Object Identifier : A doi is a unique number publishers sometimes assign to journal articles. Providing a doi in the citation makes it easier for readers to find an online version of the work being cited. However, do not worry if you cannot find it on the article since many articles do not have a doi.

*If DOI is not available, give the exact URL or the home page URL for the journal, newsletter, or magazine in the reference. Use format:Retrieved from http://www.xxxxxxxxx

Examples with DOI:

Ye, Y., Yin, J., & Xu, Y. . Social network supported process recommender system. ScientificWorldJournal. doi:10.1155/2014/349065

Intext citation:

Examples without DOI :

Weise, K. . The Government Knows if You’ll Pay Taxes Early or Wait Until the Last Minute. Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Retrieved from

Intext citation:

What Has Been The Key Motivating Factor Or Factors In Your Life To Pursue Your Goal

TV Commercial: The Lodge Retirement Community in Cincinnati, Ohio

I wanted financial independence and to have a career that will last me the rest of my life. I also wanted a career that was challenging and that I would be making a difference in the world. Wierzbicki says hes inspired by, All of the anonymous people who push through adversities because they don’t allow any obstacles to write their life stories.

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Not Sure Where To Start

Publication Dates Covered: 1975 – present Paid for by K-State LibrariesPaid for by K-State LibrariesPublication Dates Covered: 1971 – present Paid for by K-State LibrariesPublication Dates Covered: 1800s – present Paid for by K-State LibrariesPublication Dates Covered: Science 1945 – present Social Sciences 1956 – present Arts & Humanities 1975 – present Emerging Sources: 2015 – present Paid for by K-State Libraries

The Lodge Retirement Community Independent Living And Assisted Living

The Lodge Retirement Community is devoted to providing independent living and assisted living services in a warm, homelike environment that our residents appreciate.

We offer several styles of units to choose from in sizes to fit all senior needs. There is plenty of storage space, private bathrooms, and each apartment. The grounds are professionally maintained for the benefit of our residents and their guests. Members of our staff are extensively trained to care for senior Cincinnati residents and everything they need. We continually strive to assist our residents for the highest quality of life we can provide for them. The Lodge Retirement Community meal plans that are prepared with fresh ingredients daily from specially designed menus. We also offer snacks between meal times. Private dining, family style, cookouts, picnics are all available for every style of meal that could be desired. We can accommodate for nearly every type of diet.

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The Lodge Retirement Community

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When our father became very sick and even through his passing the staff were overwhelmingly supportive. They handled everything so wonderfully and when our mother became sick with covid they followed up with us on a regular basis and checked in on her constantly. We are able to eat the meals in our loved ones room which is great, but we do wish we were able to eat in the dining hall and be apart of the activities but we do know because of covid things are closed off…. Read more

Choose The Pace That’s Right For You

Accelerated full-time and part-time options

The MSDS program is offered in part-time and accelerated full-time formats. Each format offers offers a choice of specializations that enable you to create the course of study you need to meet your career goals. You can complete your degree through part-time, nonresidential study or the one-year accelerated option. Whatever you choose, you will learn from experienced, engaged faculty who are thought leaders in their fields.

We welcome international students from around the world to apply for the accelerated MSDS option. If admitted to the accelerated option, international students are eligible to apply and receive a student visa.

Compare the accelerated full-time and part-time options. The first accelerated cohort begins in fall 2023.

The biggest benefit of the program for me was that it gave me a deeper understanding of how predictive models work and how they can be applied. Just as important, it allowed me to communicate what a predictive analysis means.

Jason Okui, Product Manager, Adobe

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Personal Communications & Recorded Interviews

Personal Communications :

When personal communications such as interviews or emails are not recoverable by readers, they are not included in the references unless the instructor requires it. However, they must be cited intext. For more information, see APA style manual p. 179 and pp. 213-215.

Recorded Interviews :

Citation Example:

Nordstrom, E. . UW Bothell Icons of Retail Conversation with Erik Nordstrom. . Retrieved from

NOTE: Interviews in publications are cited according to the print or online journal format.

NOTE: If you have questions, please

Author, A. & Author, B. . Article Title. Periodical Title, volume , pages. Abstract retrieved from


If you are unable to obtain the full article, instructors may allow use of information from an abstract however, the citation must indicate the information came from an abstract. Information from abstracts should not be used for material being published.

Example of Abstract from a Database:

Mehra, A. & Floyd, S.W. . Product market heterogeneity, resource imitability and strategic group formation. Journal of Management,24, 511-512. Abstract retrieved from Expanded Academic ASAP database.

Intext Citation:

Example of Abstract from Web:

Lassen, S.R., Steele, M.M., & Sailor, W. . the relationship of school-wide positive behavior support to academic in an urban middle school. Pschology in the Schools, 43, 701-712. Abstract retrieved from

In What Ways Are Instructor At Crc Different

When I was taking my CISS 310 class, I chose to go with the hybrid course, which was more of an online class than on-grounds. I was surprised by the abundance of engagement the professor of this course, Lance Parks, had with the students . He was always there to answer questions about topics or concepts, and always made sure to follow-up with me so that I understood them.

There were times where I would meet with him during office hours to discuss things that didnt make sense to me, and every time I would walk away having a much better understanding. Even after I completed CISS 310, I would continue to take my other required CIS classes with him. Over the years, he has become my mentor while navigating my educational and professional career.

Since then, we have become good friends and communicate often. It is this level of commitment professors of CRC and the Los Rios Community College District possess regarding the success of their students.

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Overview Of Business Resources

Why Was This Guide Created?

This guide was created to help you find the best business information: company data, financial information on public companies, competitor information, SWOT analysis, and customer demographic data. This guide has all the databases you can use for your BUS 346 assignments. It is a terrific list of resources to find data for your startup company and for BUS 310 . This guide is for everyone in need of business and market information.

Why These 9 Databases?

These databases are all subscription resources paid for by Cal Poly’s library and your tuition. Global Market Information Database is paid for by the library, Oraflea College of Business, and the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Science. High quality business and market research is only available through expensive subscriptions. Access to these resources are limited to students, faculty, and staff at Cal Poly. The top nine databases were chosen by Orfalea faculty as the best sources of information for the class BUS 346. As your business librarian I believe these are the top sources for business information that we subscribe to and pay for.

Bias in Business Resources and Data Collection and Publishing

Industry/analyst Report From Database

DARK WATERS | Official Trailer | In Theaters November 22

Citation Examples:

Green, W. J. & Longson, A. . Freight transportation. Freight pulse 16: Rail pricing resilient Trucks to face more challenges. Morgon Stanley Industry View. Retrieved from Thomson Research database.

Intext citation:

Kaczanowska, A. . IBISWorld Industry Report OD4302. Craft Beer Production in the US. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

Intext citation:

Jewelry Manufacturing: Industry profile. . Retrieved from First Research database.

Intext citation:

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Data Science Program Faculty

MSDS faculty members include data scientists, professional researchers and consultants, social scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists who bring practical real-world experiences to the online classroom and engage with students on an interpersonal level. Most faculty members hold terminal doctoral degrees and have extensive teaching and business experience. Get to know the instructors on our Data Science Program Faculty page.

How Did You Choose Crc

I graduated from CRC with my Associates of Science in May 2014. I began attending CRC in spring of 2011 knowing that there was a lot I wanted to achieve. Professionally, I didnt have very much going for me, and I needed to change that.

I always had a love for computers, particularly information security, so I began by taking some general requirement classes as well as some CIS classes to get myself back into education.

My major was Computer Information Systems Security, in which I attained my Associates of Science. It was always something I had a huge passion for, and with the growing field of Information Security/Cybersecurity being needed by nearly any organization conducting business over the internet, it was also a lucrative degree in which to invest my time.

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