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Live Within Your Means

9 Best things to do in your retirement

It can take discipline and ingenuity to adapt to a fixed income in retirement. Stay out of debt by paying careful attention to where your money really goes, usually with a budget. Automation the answer to tracking spending and simplifying budgeting is a lifesaver, especially if youre not the budgeting type.

A reverse mortgage isnt for everyone, but it may help. Start with safe, low-cost counseling first, recommends Stacy Johnson, the founder of Money Talks News.

Set A New Goal In Life

Its important to set goals in life. It helps you to move forward, challenge yourself, and have a sense of direction.

Like Albert Einstein said: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balancing, you must keep moving.

So grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down a new life goal. Because research has shown that writing down your goals, youll have a better chance of achieving your goals.

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Grow Your Friendship Group

Youve now got time to get to know the people around you a little better. Rather than just sticking to friends in your own age group, making friends with people of all ages exposes you to new experiences and different points of view, which will help you stay young at heart. Younger friends will also benefit from your life experience. You could even sign up for a pen pal scheme such as Postpals, which links you up with seriously ill children so you can send them letters, cards and gifts to make them smile during a difficult time.

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Take Stock Of Your Life Insurance Policies

As you approach retirement, make sure that your life insurance policies will cover you and your family after you leave the workforce. Its important to be properly insured so that your family is taken care of if you die prematurely, especially if they are still dependent on your income.

If your life insurance is through your employer, theres a good chance that it will no longer be in effect after you retire. You may be able to continue your coverage through your pension plan, but it is important to understand what your coverage is. If your life insurance coverage is outside of your employer, make sure that you have enough coverage based on your needs as a retiree.

Save For Those Things On Your Bucket List Youre Planning And Would Love To Do During Retirement

Retirement Book: 105 Fun Things To Do In Retirement : A ...

Here is one of the most important things that you should do before retirement. Once you have created a list of all the things that you would love to do, it is important to estimate the expenses that will be involved.

The estimation is fundamental to ensure that you dont fall short of the money required to fulfill your dreams later in life.

After estimating the expenses that will be involved, you should try to make suitable savings for after retirement merriment. For savings, youll want to create a separate savings account.

You may also use your retirement savings account for this purpose, but it is usually better to keep things separate. Retirement merriment and bucket list expenses are different from other retirement expenses but you really want to enjoy the dream and prepare well.

Plan for your long-term life care:

According to the American Association of long-term care, around 7.5 million Americans had some form of long-term care requirement by January 2020. Our body is meant to age and wha-la it does.

As we age, we may become susceptible to various kinds of health problems, making it crucial to plan for long-term life care before retirement.

If you plan well, you can make your long-term healthcare expenses without getting stressed over them. Moreover, a good long-term life care plan will ensure that your family doesnt get burdened by your health expenses.

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Downsize To A Smaller Home

A new, smaller home with less yard work and housework can free up more of your time to spend on the fun retirement pursuits youve looked forward to.

If youve got a big or older home, the chances are good that, eventually, youll need to live elsewhere or get help to address the cleaning, upkeep and other surprising costs that come with the territory for homeowners. Downsizing can be part of your retirement planning: Get it out of the way when you are younger and physically able.

Apply For Fun Classes

You probably completed the sentence before: Ive always wanted to learn

Well, now is the time to do it. Retirement is the perfect time to learn new things, and Ive got the best tip for you!

Whatever you want to learn, there is an amazing class for you out there on Masterclass. On this streaming platform, you can learn from the best in the world at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to learn more about gardening, music, science, business, tennis, magic, Italian/ Mexican or BBQ cooking, basketball, etc. there is an amazing class for you on Masterclass.

Masterclass is a streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by the most successful and famous teachers in the world. Say hello to your new teachers: Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Franklin, Serena Williams, Anna Wintour, Ron Finley, and so many more. Get yourself the best gift for retirement: an annual Membership to Masterclass. Get more info here.

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Volunteer For A Worthy Cause

Volunteering lets you give back to the community in ways that often benefit the volunteer just as much. And because youre not in it for a paycheck, you can be much choosier about the organizations that you help.

A study by the Center for Social Development, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University, in St. Louis reports, Older adults who volunteer and who engage in more hours of volunteering report higher levels of well-being. This study ways that the benefits of volunteering are the same no matter your gender, race or social status.

Here are 5 Tips for Transitioning to Work with a Nonprofit

Take Advantage Of Aarp Benefits

25 Things to do in Retirement – Vlogmas Day 6 – [REINVENT YOURSELF]

One of the greatest advantages of retirement is the ability to go traveling at the drop of a hat , with no work or school schedules to get in the way. AARP offers discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises, as well as last-minute deals through Expedia. Members of its AARP Advantage program get additional money off stays at lodges in national parks, tours of Europe, and other choices.

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Important Things To Do Before Retirement And More

We all enter the professional world at a young age and continue working till the age of retirement. Yet, during all these years, we dedicate our lives to work and rarely devote time to everything we would love to do.

Then, retirement comes, and we finally feel like we have the time to do all the things we have ever wanted to enjoy. Thats why retirement is regarded as one of the most enjoyable times of our lives. But, these words only present half of the truth.

Retirement: A time to do all the things you never had time to do when you worked. Catherine Pulsifer

These words by Catherine Pulsifer reflect a deep truth and give thoughts to making decisions and planning before retirement.

If we do not do important things before we retire, we may risk not having an enjoyable let alone a dependable retirement.

We may even get burdened by different kinds of worries. Who wants that? So, lets discuss 7 important things that you should do before you retire to have an enjoyable life after retirement.

Attend Your 35th 40th Or Any High School Reunion

There is nothing like a high school or college reunion to get you thinking about what you have accomplished and where you might be going.

Taking stock of our lives and setting new goals is exactly what we need to do as we consider retirement.

A reunion can be an excellent way to connect with old friends and maybe be reminded of what we are passionate about which can help remind us of how we might want to spend part of retirement.

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The Best Hobbies And Activities To Try Out In Retirement

11th October 2018| Health and Lifestyle

Later life and retirement can be one of the most enjoyable periods of our lives were older and wiser, more aware of who we are, but most importantly weve now got the time to go out and do whatever it is weve always wanted to do.

More time for personal activities is often cited in polls of over 70 year olds as one of the biggest benefits of growing old, and the Office for National Statistics found that those aged 65+ spent an average of seven hours and ten minutes a day on leisure activities the most out of all age groups.

We now know that loneliness can be as harmful for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and that it is a key problem for older people in the UK, 3.6 million of whom live alone. On the other hand, the Age UK Index of Wellbeing in Later Life concluded that engaging with the world around us through social, creative, physical or community activities can contribute more than 20% to our wellbeing in later life. Not only can the right hobby help people of all ages make more friends and give our lives routine, colour and achievement, but it can also help to improve our mental and physical health, and our sense of wellbeing.

If youre interested in reaping the benefits of starting a hobby during retirement, here are some of the most popular hobbies and interests that people pick up in later life, to inspire you:

Fun & Fulfilling Things To Do During Retirement

Satisfying Retirement In A Changing World: 65 Things To Do ...

A list of the things you want to do during retirement can be motivating when youre working hard on your retirement plan. Below is an example list that might inspire you to create your own list. What are you looking forward to when you retire? What retirement aspirations motivate you?

Adventurous Activities – Get out there and have fun when you retire.

  • Zero gravity flight in a 747
  • NASCAR Driving Experience
  • Earning your helicopter pilots license
  • Hot air ballooning safari
  • Zorbing in a giant inflatable ball
  • Parasailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding
  • Flying above water wearing a hydro jet pack
  • Zip line jungle tour
  • Whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, sailing
  • River tubing excursion
  • Skydiving, bungee jumping or hang gliding
  • Elephant or camel riding

Volunteer to Help People & Animals Rewarding activities during retirement.

Hobbies & Just for FunMore time for leisure activities when you retire.

  • Become an amateur astronomer
  • Build something big: log cabin, plane or boat
  • Brew your own beer
  • Plant a tree once a month for a year
  • Learn the art of Origami
  • Become a Wine Expert – amateur or certified Sommelier
  • Act in a film as an extra
  • Go geocatching
  • Patent something youve invented
  • House swap with other retirees
  • Bake your own bread or freeze your own ice cream
  • Learn sign language or a foreign language
  • Pick-up a new instrument like guitar, keyboard, drums, etc.
  • Become a survivalist
  • Learn the art of Bonsai
  • Learn to pilot model airplanes or drones

For more retirement information go to:

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Audit A College Class

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Many community colleges and public universities will allow you to sit in on undergraduate courses for free. While you wont earn any credit for observing or receive grades for your work, youre welcome to take notes and do additional exercises on your own. This is a great way to keep expanding your knowledge on a variety of subjects without the costs of higher education.

What To Do In Retirement Do What Makes You Happy

A lot of items on this list talk about doing something amazing. But that is not the real point. You dont have to be the best, the first, the oldest or the most.

Retirement is the time when it should not matter if you are keeping up with the Jones. Now is the time to do what makes YOU happy. You can enjoy the little things or you can swing for the fences. You can make a difference to your own loved ones or volunteer and change lives in your community. You might make a fortune doing what you love or you can make ends meet while pursuing your passion.

The scale of your endeavors should not matter.

Think hard and make sure that what you do after retirement matters to YOU.

Need some help? Many of us arent sure what one thing makes us happy. Here are a few books that might be useful.

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Learn A New Skill Online

You can learn a new skill online to make your retirement more fun and interesting. And the best platform for that is Masterclass. You can get an annual Membership for Masterclass and get access to all the classes on the streaming platform. From Ron Finley teaches gardening, Brandon McMillon teaches dog training, to Anna Wintour teaches creativity and leadership and everything in between from arts, cooking to science, music, and sports.

Check the latest prices and all the classes available on Masterclass here.

Things To Do In Retirement: Grow A Garden

25 Things to do in Retirement – Vlogmas Day 15 – [REINVENT YOURSELF]

Working outdoors when the weather is nice makes life worth living, at least for some people. And studies suggest that gardening is an activity that can add years to your life.

Gardening comes in many forms. Some people love growing vegetables, and some prefer the beauty of a flower garden. Or you could do both, and there is a lot of variety in either direction. Theres so much to learn about growing plants. If its your passion, you might create new plants through grafting, become an expert at composting, or pamper roses and vegetables that you sell at a market.

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Support Reconciliation With Indigenous Peoples

If youre a descendant from settlers or immigrants to Canada, consider investing time during retirement to further reconciliation with Indigenous people. Your journey could include learning about the true history of Canada and unlearning any biases you may have developed over the years. You could read the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and find Indigenous organizations to support that are working to address the impacts of intergenerational trauma in Indigenous communities. Consider writing letters to elected officials to urge them to implement the TRC calls to action.

‘you Face A Lot Of Emotional Crises’

‘I think its really important for older people to make the most of their circumstances. You face a lot of emotional crises, but the important thing for me is facing up to them and finding a way out of them.

Jay found that there was one vital consideration missing in her retirement planning. I found that when you plan for retirement, you plan financially, you plan where youre going to live, whether you want to upsize, downsize, move to a different country, move to the sea. But the one thing you dont plan for – I didnt and many of my friends said the same is what youre going to do with all the free time youll have on your hands.

‘I was used to running my house, doing my shopping, cleaning, washing, and ironing. But after about 3 weeks of being retired, I remember sitting having a cup of coffee about 10 oclock in the morning and I thought, “Gosh is this it?” But then I thought: “I could live for another 30 years, which is almost half my lifetime.”‘

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Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

Turn an avocation into a new career, get a part-time job, volunteer, go back to school, or take a class. Try new things! It’s never too late to exercise your entrepreneurial spirit or to learn something new, and any of these can add some needed structure to your life, quiet any restlessness and open up new channels of socialization.

You’ll have fun and meet new people of all ages who share your interests, plus, your soul, mind, and spirit will love the experience. Who knows, you just might find a passion that will give meaning and purpose to your retirement years.

Look At Life Through A Lens

11 Things To Do When Retired and Bored

For people below a certain age, photography seems to be just about snapping stuff to put on social media. However, theres a lot more to the true art of photography. Looking at life from behind a camera can help you see the world in a whole new light and keeping an eye out for a great picture makes every trip out a bit of an adventure. Photography also gives you a way to use and develop the artistic side of your brain, which has to be a good thing.

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Become Your Own Financial Guru

While youre in the active saving and investing stage before retirement, you might look to an expert to help guide you in the right direction. But the time will come when you glide into maintenance mode. From there, you can probably manage it on your own as long as you keep learning and stay in touch with whats happening in the financial world.

Its entirely possible to become a self-made financial expert. Read everything that you can, including good blogs. And start watching TV shows about finance. Soon youll know what disintermediation, econometrics and other terms mean without calling a financial planning expert, because youll be the expert.

Using the NewRetirement Planner will help you!

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