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Advantages Of Living In Tiny Home Communities

Tiny House Retirement Suburb (Spur Texas)

There are numerous living arrangements you can do if you live in a tiny home. You can drive it around and stop in places where its legal to park, such as campsites, RV parks, and in some states in private land. Or you can settle your unit in your backyard as an Accessory Dwelling Unit .

However, of all the places where you can build or park your tiny home, nothing beats being in a tiny home community. There is something about living with like-minded people that makes it irreplaceable.

Aside from that, there are also several benefits to living in a tiny house village, such as:

1. Sustainability

TIny house villages are often built on a large piece of land. For this reason, a lot of them have a community garden where you can plant and harvest fruits and vegetables. Growing your crops in these lands can help you lower your food costs.

Additionally, most tiny house communities are also nestled near forests or lakes. Forest provides different resources such as herbal plants and wood. Meanwhile, ponds can be a good source of fish and even water activities.

2. Amenities

Developers of the new tiny home communities often add numerous facilities in their properties to make it more attractive. Aside from sewerage, power, and water, you can also gain access to recreational facilities like a basketball court.

3. Security

4. Community Activities

The Corvalla At Stonebriar

Price Range Low $700ks Low $1ms Number of Homes: 196 homes Age Restriction: 55+

The Corvalla at Stonebriar is brand-new condo development. Building just began in 2017 and only new units are available at the moment. When development is finished, there will be 121 condos, ranging from 2,439 to 2,773 square feet with two bedrooms, two-and-a-half to three baths and underground parking. Your can customize master suite so it is perfect for you. Your kitchen will include top-end appliances, and all units have private outdoor terraces. Some even have fireplaces.

There are plenty of amenities in the Frisco community to keep you busy, too. There is a clubhouse with meeting rooms for clubs or gatherings with friends or family. Outside, there is a resort-style pool and a shaded lounge area. The community even has a concierge to help residents make the most of everything The Corvalla at Stonebriar has to offer.

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Looking for a place to stay in your new tiny home? Check out our awesome list of the top 11 tiny house communities in America in 2022.

Due to their convenience and low running costs, tiny house communities are growing in popularity all across the US.

A tiny home provides a great option for downsizing or even an affordable starting point for those people trying to buy their first home.

In the past, the tiny house movement was limited by state zoning laws which generally prohibited really small residential buildings.

But now the movement is flourishing with communities springing up all over America.

To give you the low-down on this emerging trend, weve listed 10 of the best tiny house communities nationwide.

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Tiny House Block San Diego Ca

Tiny House Block is a resort village for home dwellers who love to hike, enjoy water activities, and want to explore nature at its fullest. The Tiny House Block community puts a new perspective on the great outdoors. Located near Mount Laguna and just east of San Diego, THB offers unique tiny homes, decorated to meet the needs of each renter. Each home comes with a full kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, hot plate for cooking, and sink. Bathrooms provide plenty of privacy, including a spacious upstairs bedroom loft. On the patio of the tiny houses, there is a picnic area and fire it. Stargazing is highly encouraged. THB offers both short term and long-term rentals. For long-term rentals, a month-to-month status is available. The rentals will include water, septic, and trash in the pricing. There is also Wi-Fi offered, including assigned parking. Utilities are separately charged yet average only about $50 per month. Rentals pricing varies on model chosen. You do have the option to buy a tiny home as well.

Vintage Grace Model Homes

6 tiny homes on the market right now in Dallas

Located just east of Dallas the Vintage Grace community sits on 25 acres of wooded property. Designed as an Active Adult Community, you can schedule a tour of any homes that might be for sale by visiting their website or calling 460-1066.

Homesites are for leasing only, so not a tour for those who are wishing to make an outright purchase.

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Micro Communities Portland Oregon

Given the thumbs up by city leaders in Portland, proposed tiny house villages called Micro Communities, with the help of building company TechDwell, will provide affordable housing for the working poor. Still in the planning stage, these communities offer a way for people living near or under the poverty line to find safe housing, shared spaces, and vibrant neighborhoods.

How Much Do Tiny Houses In Texas Cost

There are many reasons to go tiny, but probably one that is most commonly considered is the cost.

With everything around us increasingly rising in cost, finding a home that will help cut those expenses often lands right at the top of the list.

However, some people are quite surprised when they see a tiny house price tag.

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While you can find one of these pint-sized abodes for just a few thousand dollars, there are also many with prices that can reach into the hundreds of thousands depending on their location, building materials and popularity.

So, rather than thinking about how much you can pay for a tiny house, you should first think about what you actually need in one.

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Park Place Estates Rv Resort

Park Place is a world away from the cares of city life, yet freeway-close to all that makes South Texas the destination of choice for many RV travelers.

Park Place Estate RV Resort website

From crafts to card games, to relaxing at the spa, Park Place is a clean, fun, and safe place to stay at. Just within a 30-minute drive, you have access to several shopping malls, banks, restaurants, and many other services around the area.

During the season, there are weekly dances and entertainment to help you have fun. They also offer happy hours, which gives you the chance to get to know the other residents youll be hanging around.

There are activities for everyone to enjoy. If youre the artsy type, you can sew, quilt, and craft. For more gritty types, theres carpentry and wood shop. If you and your partner like to be up on your feet and moving around, there are plenty of sports and dances you can participate in.

Location: Harlingen, Texas


What Is Tiny Town Texas

Retirement in a Tiny House Community? The Road Report on Shelter (042)

Tiny Town Texas is a type of miniature utopia where dreams are big and houses are small. Inside this tiny house wellness village, brave pioneers are showing Texans that bigger isnt always better. Since 1990, housing sizes have doubled and prices have quadrupled, leading to the nations affordable housing crisis. According to CNN Business, more than half of Americans would like to downsize and live in 600 sq ft or less. The growth of this movement is stunted by the banking industry and zoning and planning laws inside cities. 68% of tiny house owners today have no mortgage, which is great, but those who need financing find it a challenge to attain a loan. Theres a big movement to legalize tiny houses across the nation, but until then, the best solutions are tiny house communities like Tiny Town Texas.

Email us if you have any questions:

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Creek Walk Tiny Home Community Travelers Rest Sc

Live Life. Love Life. Retire in style. Creek Walk Tiny Home Community, located just north of Greenville South Carolina, prides itself as a tiny home village ideal for retirement. Though community members can own their own home, they dont have to worry about all the hassles and headaches of home-ownershipone small monthly fee covers all maintenance costs! With ponds, creeks, and mature hardwoods, Creek Walk provides all the rural charm you may have dreamed of in retirement, while being just a short commute to the bustling city of Greenville a city that is considered one of the best cities for retirees.

Escape Tampa Bay Village Thonatosassa Florida

For retirees interested in settling down rather than remaining mobile, Escape Tampa Bay could be the perfect tiny home community in Florida. Each of the tiny homes at Escape Tampa Bay are individually crafted by an award winning design team for a custom feel in a custom neighborhood. While some Tiny homes can feel dark and cramped, each home at Escape Tampa Bay is beautifully hand-crafted for natural light and a spacious feel. Homes range from 75,000 to 106,000 for purchase, and there are currently only four units remaining!

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How Small Is Tiny

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the typical new American home has been getting bigger and bigger. In 1973, the nationwide average house size was 1,660 square feet. In 2020, the average size has grown to 2,261 square feet. Tiny houses are much much smaller than these averages. Tiny houses are not just small suburban bungalows as compared to McMansions. Tiny means very small. In fact, some tiny homes are no larger than 100 square feet. Thats about the size of an average houses bathroom.

If youre stuck thinking about how difficult it would be to live in your bathroom, step outside of that for just a moment. A tiny home doesnt have to be that small. Many are closer to 400500 square feet. However, thats still less than a quarter the size of a typical American home.

Think you could live in that amount of space? A lot of people do, and many of them would never go back.

Alamo Palms Rv Resort

Texans rethink acceptance of tiny house movement growing in Spur, TX

Visit Alamo Palms RV Resort and discover a world that encompasses the true Texan lifestyle away from the stresses of city life.

Alamo Palms RV Resort website

Another city in south Texas, Alamo Palms boasts not only the great amenities within the resort, but it also boasts about its proximity to other great places. Alamo, Texas, is right on the very tip of the state, which means its right next to Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Latino culture is rich in Texas, which means you can enjoy shops and restaurants that serve delicious foods at low prices.

Several beaches along the Gulf, in places like Galveston Island and South Padre, are nearby, where you can enjoy saltwater fishing and some fun in the sun. Alamo Palms is a popular destination because of its easy access to different kinds of places, both in Texas and in Mexico.

Nearby the resort, there are plenty of shopping areas and services to add to your convenience.

Location: Alamo, Texas

$544 / month

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Spur Freedom Spur Texas

Spur Freedom is no mere tiny home communitythis is the first tiny house friendly town. Spur is one of the picturesque west Texas towns that underwent a population drain over the last several decades, leaving the town with all of the infrastructure of city-lifepaved roads, electricity, sewage, and even fiber-optic internetwith hundreds of empty lots. Spur continues the pioneer spirit by creating what could become the model tiny home community of the 21st century.

Finding Buying Or Building A Tiny Home

Find a Builder: A quick Google search shows that tiny house builders are everywhere nowadays. Its more a matter of choosing one than finding one.

Build Your Own: Some people choose to build on their own, which gives total control but might come with other issues such as permitting and labor. If thats a route that you want to go, websites such as Tiny House Build and scores of books on the topic are emerging all the time.

Buy a Kit: There are kits for assembling a tiny home. Allwood is a popular option with, get this, free shipping. Choose your option and theyll deliver everything you need to build it on your own.

Buy a Prefabricated Option: A mail order home? Yep. There are companies that will deliver a completely finished home to you. Here are a few companies with prefab homes for sale:

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Orlando Lakefront At College Park

Location | Orlando, Florida

A revitalization of the 1950s trailer park, Orlando Lakefront at College Park offers permanent parking space for tiny homeowners, as well as short and long-term rentals on Lake Fairview – just outside Orlando, Florida. Sunny, sustainable, and community-focused, this property is dedicated to maintaining the original spirit that first started the tiny house movement: simple living. Residents can spend their days out on the water, visit downtown Orlando , or simply relax and mingle with like-minded neighbors.

Winzig Haven Big Sandy Texas

Tiny Home Village now open, first residents move in

Looking to go-country for your tiny retirement? Winzig Haven could be just the spot for the more independently minded retiree. Though this tiny home community is still in the planning phases, Winzig haven could be a great option for someone looking to get in on the ground floor of a community situated on 29 acres in the heart of beautiful East Texas. Winzig just opened with its first house in November of 2020 but has plans for a community garden, fishing at the community pond, horseshoes pits, walking trails and all the charms one would expect from country living. One of the benefits of tiny home communities is the opportunity to build a community of like-minded people, and for those looking to escape the hustle of urban life, Winzig Haven is definitely worth checking out.

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Big Retirement Dreams In 25 American Tiny Home Communities

| Housing

Whether you call them tiny house villages, small-house collectives, or tiny home communities, these intentional neighborhoods of small, customizable, mobile houses continue to pop up across the country. Though this may seem like a decidedly alternative life-style, tiny living is an alternative that is increasingly popular amongst retirees. The tiny home community is not simply a passing fad, but is quickly establishing itself as a world-wide movement. The environmental, economic, and social pressures of recent years, are causing many to rethink basic questions of how we should be living together. While the notion that bigger is better may have dictated the housing decisions of previous generations, many Americans in 2020 are looking to downsize. Tiny home communities provide a life-style that reflects the values of a changing cultureaffordability, mobility, sustainability, and community.Tiny house communities are certainly a trendy option for free-thinking millennials, but are tiny houses for seniors as well? More and more retirees are answering with a resounding Yes. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 45% of boomers would consider purchasing a tiny home, and builders are now designing custom models specifically to suit the needs of the elderly. According to TheTinyLife.com 30% of tiny home residents are between the ages of 51 and 70.

Bonterra At Cross Creek Ranch

Price Range: Mid $200ks High $300ks Number of Homes: 700 homes Age Restriction: 55+

Construction on this Fulshear gated community began in 2016 and is still underway by both Taylor Morrison and Darling Homes. There will be 700 single-family homes when it is completed. A variety of floor plans are available. The Taylor Morrison homes range from 1,582 to 2,878 square feet, while the Darling Homes Sanctuary Collection runs from 2,355 to 3,063 square feet.

Though its not yet completed, Bonterra eventually will have a 10,000-square-foot clubhouse with a fitness center, aerobics and dance studios and locker rooms. It will also have space for club meetings and card games between friends. Outside there will be a pool, a patio, pickleball courts, a bocce ball court and a fire pit. Since Bonterra is part of another master planned community, Cross Creek Ranch, residents also have access to another clubhouse for the broader community. This clubhouse offers amenities including a pool and a disc golf course.

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Lake Walk Tiny Home Community Greer Sc

Lake Walk Tiny home community, located in Greer, SC, provides a lakefront view of the 376-acre Lake Cunningham, and perfectly designed for tiny home dwellers to enjoy simple living and lots of fun activities. The community offers four types of models to choose from with lakeside adventures such as fishing, swimming, and boating. There is also a boat ramp, fishing pier, and picnic shelters for family and friends to come together. There are in fact two lakes, Lake Robinson and its sister lake, Lake Robinson, which is just up the road. There is a requirement for a boating permit for the lakes. Lot leases are very affordable with a six-month minimum stay. Lots includes water, power, sewer, and garbage. For the tiny home venture who prefers to buy the tiny home, prices range from $70-80,000. Of course, prices will vary on model chosen.

River Edge Tiny Home Village Rio Communities Nm

15 Livable Tiny House Communities

Whether you are a young couple or young at heart senior, the River Edge Tiny Home Villagewill welcome any tiny home dweller to enjoy the benefits of simpler living. They offer pre-existing homes, accepts 50Amp/100Amp tiny homes, and off-grid tiny homes. Lots are all reasonably priced and located just minutes from the beautiful Rio Grande and just south of Albuquerque. River Edge Tiny Village offers many outdoor activities, such as great birding opportunities. The tiny home community is an economical, ecologically friendly, and sustainable way of living. Visitors can either buy a tiny home that is readily available, rent one of the lots on the village property, or talk to the office for investment options, such as the Airbnb Tiny Home Program. Accredited investors only, please. They offer solo and shared lots with 12- and 6-month leases to choose from. Off the grid homes lots are at a month-to-month basis or long term.

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