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After your identity is verified, youll be able to tell the customer service representative that you want to do a direct rollover. A direct rollover is where your funds are directly transferred to your new IRA provider. It often means the check is made out in the name of that IRA provider but for the benefit of you. This is generally the simplest approach. Your 401 provider will usually ask you for the name and mailing address of your new IRA provider and your new IRA account number. We also recommend that you take this opportunity to update your mailing address since they may have an old address for you. Thats because youll be sent additional documents, including a tax-related document known as a 1099-R that tells the IRS youre doing a tax-free rollover.

An indirect rollover is where funds are first transferred to you, or a check is made out in your name. You deposit the funds in one of your own accounts, but then you have 60 days to send that money on to your IRA account if you want the rollover to be tax-free. This can create a little extra work for you which is why most people opt for a direct rollover.

Have a rollover expert on the call with you! Capitalize can handle your 401-to-IRA rollover for you and set up a call with your provider walking you through each step along the way. Get started

Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up To Date

No one wants to think about what will happen to their retirement savings after they die. But if you dont take a few minutes to name your beneficiaries, your loved ones could face an extra burden down the road.

Be sure to complete the 403 beneficiary form in directly in your retirement account through Transamerica or TIAA.

How Do I Change My Address On My Transamerica Account is a holding company in America for a variety of investment firms health and life insurance, annuities, employee benefits, retirement solutions, phone number, email, etc. you need to get it changed in the Transamerica system right away. If you didn’t make this change, click here to contact support now.

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Make Sure Your Ira Is Being Invested Appropriately

Remember there are two goals of rolling over an old 401 into an IRA the first is to consolidate your 401 assets, and the second is to grow those assets by allocating them into investments that will increase in value over time.

Your very last step in executing a rollover is to make sure that second goal is being met and that the funds in your IRA are being appropriately invested. If you chose an automated IRA then this should happen automatically. Thats because as soon as your funds arrive theyll be allocated into a portfolio that was created for you during the sign-up process for your new IRA account. You should still log in and check to make sure thats the case, but usually theres nothing more for you to do.

If you choose a self-directed account then youll have to invest the money yourself. Often the simplest option is to purchase a target-date retirement fund this is an investment vehicle that puts your money into a combination of higher-risk, higher-return stocks and lower-risk, lower-return bonds. The exact mix changes as you age so that you have more stocks when youre younger and less as you get older: because stocks generate higher returns but are more volatile we should own more of them early on when we can withstand their fluctuations in order to achieve their higher long-term returns.

Otherwise you can assemble a portfolio on your own by making trades.

Judge Oks $54m Settlement Over Transamerica Retirement Plan

Transamerica Corporation Service Phone Number

FILE This Oct. 11, 2020, file photo shows the Transamerica Pyramid, center, and Salesforce Tower above Columbus Avenue in San Francisco. A federal judge has approved a $5.4 million settlement on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021, between Transamerica and its current and former employees who accused the company of offering several poor performing investments in its employee retirement plan.

A federal judge has approved a $5.4 million settlement between Transamerica and its current and former employees who accused the company of offering several poor performing investments in its employee retirement plan.

The money will be divided up between roughly 24,000 people based on how long they invested in the funds and how much money they had invested.

According to the lawsuit, employees who invested in Transamericas retirement plan lost between $15 million and $20 million because some funds performed worse than comparable ones that employees couldnt choose in the plan.

Attorney Charles Field, who represented the employees, said the settlement provides genuine and meaningful relief to the group.

The lawsuit argued that Transamerica should have spotted the problem funds sooner and changed the options in its retirement plan because six of the funds employees could choose from underperformed comparable funds by a significant margin over a 10-year period.

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What Type Of Ira Should I Open

During the process of opening your new account, you may get asked which type of IRA youd like to open. You might see the following options: Rollover IRA, Traditional IRA, or Roth IRA. Heres how to pick the right one:

  • If you had a Traditional 401 pick a Rollover IRA or, if thats not available, Traditional IRA or, if thats not available, just IRA. The only exception would be if youre considering a Roth conversion, but this is an advanced tax planning strategy that most people dont need to worry about.
  • If you had a Roth 401 pick a Roth IRA. Youll need to match the Roth 401 to a Roth IRA for tax reasons.
  • If your 401 has mixed assets youll need to open two IRAs, one Roth and one Traditional to for their respective assets.

Transamerica Customer Service Phone Number 797 can call Transamerica at 852-4678 toll free number, write an email to , fill out a contact form on their website 401K Retirement Plan, Retirement Plan, 403B Retirement Plan Services. Business Solutions List your Business Tips For Consumers · Tips For Companies. Legal.

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What If My Check Gets Misplaced Or Lost In The Mail

This unfortunately does happen every once in a while, but dont worry your money hasnt disappeared. If your check doesnt arrive then youll have to call your 401 provider again and ask them to issue a new one. Theyll place a stop on the first one, and nobody will be able to cash the first check since its generally made out to you or your IRA provider and will always stipulate that its for the benefit of or FBO, your name.

Building On A Century Of Trust

2 Most Important Retirement Planning Numbers

Since 1906, Transamerica has been built on the idea that financial security should be available to everyone. Today, were still committed to providing the right tools, services, and strategies our customers need to achieve it.

We are also one of the first financial services companies to recognize the connection between wealth and health. For years, financial services companies have only gotten it half right because without health, wealth is harder to achieve and maintain. At the heart of it, we want to help people live well, now and in the future.

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Experience A Unique Suite With Lower Costs And Downside Protection

Transamerica has developed and launched a full suite of co-manufactured target date funds working with a mix of our DCIO fund partners, BlackRock, JPMorgan, and American Funds. These options cover three subsets of the target date fund investment styles passive, hybrid, and active to meet the target date fund goals and objectives of any plan sponsor. The funds offer participants attractive fees relative to benchmarked peers and a unique mix of underlying funds, including those of our DCIO partners and Transamericas stable value fund, which adds a component of principal protection to the glide path as participants near retirement.

The Funds are offered through the Transamerica Retirement Solutions Collective Trust, for which Massachusetts Fidelity Trust Company is the Trustee. Because the investment options available under a collective trust are exempt from SEC registration, a prospectus is not available with respect to such investment options. However, a Disclosure Statement is available for the Funds. The current Disclosure Statement contains additional information that should be carefully considered before choosing a Fund, including information about each Funds investment objective, strategies, expenses, performance and risks. The Funds are not insured by the FDIC, Federal Reserve Bank, nor guaranteed by MFTC or any affiliate.

Make Sure Your Funds Are Deposited Into Your New Account

In most cases, Transamerica will send your rollover funds directly to your new account provider. If thats the case, simply keep an eye out for the money to hit your receiving account in 10-15 business days after you submit your rollover request.

If they send the funds directly to you, youll get a paper check in the mail at the mailing address associated with your Transamerica account. Once you get the check, its then up to you to deposit that check with your new account provider.

There are a few ways you can deposit your check depending on the provider:

  • Mobile deposit the easiest option is to check your providers mobile app to see if they have a mobile deposit option. Not all providers provide this option but its worth checking. Mobile deposits are the quickest option and typically take 3-5 business days to show up in your account.
  • Deposit in person at a local branch if your provider has a physical branch near by, you can also deposit the check in person. Checks deposited in person typically take 3-5 business days to show up in your account.
  • Send the check by mail you can also send the check by mail to the provider using the address you previously looked up. Funds that are mailed can take up to 15 business days to show up in your account.

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Transamericas Whole Interface Is Garbage

They provide zero useful information, either on the app or on their online portal. If I wasnt locked into their 401k retirement plan by my employer, Id move my money out in a heartbeat. The lack of transparency by this company says to me: Thanks for your money sucker!If Im going to be giving you thousands of my dollars, I want to know the details of what youre doing with it. But no, all they show is my account balance and a supposed overall rate of return . However on other sites, I can view my transaction history to see how much Ive contributed, how much theyve charged in fees, and what returns Ive gotten on my investments. This information is nowhere to be found with TransAmerica. Additionally, they dont even have the courtesy to narrow the investments list to just the assets I own. So I see the entire list of their offerings with zeroes in 80% of the columns. How annoying is that? And since they dont even do that, they definitely cant be bothered to show me a breakdown of my own cost basis and gains for each asset. THIS IS BASIC INFORMATION that every investor should have access to in order to manage their investments.TransAmerica, I hope you see this and understand that the lack of information youre providing to your customers is almost criminal. Again, if I was not forced into your 401k account by my employer, I would be gone in a heartbeat. Please, do better.

Enrolling And Making Changes To Investments Or The Amount Of Your Contributions

TransAmerica Variable Annuity Series L

You may start, stop, or change the amount of your contributions at any time using either of these methods:

You may also change how your money is invested in the plan at any time. For assistance, contact Transamerica or TIAA-CREF.

You may transfer part or all of your account at TIAA-CREF to Transamerica at any time. For assistance, contact a Transamerica transfer specialist at 800-275-8714.

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What Is A 401 Rollover

A 401 rollover is the technical term for transferring the money in an old 401 account to another retirement account. Most people who roll over end up transferring their 401 savings into a new or existing IRA .

Let Capitalize handle your 401 rollover for you, for free! Weve made it our mission to make the 401-to-IRA rollover process easy for everyone. Learn more

We Believe Everyone Should Have Access To Professional Financial Advice Regardless Of Age Salary Or Account Balance

Managed Advice® is our comprehensive, easy-to-use retirement account management service that provides investment advice and professional portfolio management at a competitive cost. Using advanced technology, Managed Advice recommends a contribution rate and retirement age based on factors such as a participants estimated Social Security benefit, outside retirement assets, and desired retirement location. Designed to improve retirement outcomes, it also offers active and ongoing portfolio management, spend-down advice, and one-on-one consultations with a team of financial professionals.

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% Of People Who Have Used The Retirement Outlook Tool Have A Positive Retirement Outlook Which Means Theyre At 80% Or More Of Their Goal*

Important: The projections or other information generated by the engine regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical, do not reflect actual investment results, and are not guarantees of future results. Results derived from the tool may vary with each use and over time.

*As of 12/31/20

Plan Participants Are Recognizing The Value Of Managed Advice Assets Grew 40% From 2019 To 2020 While Participation Increased 28%

Transamerica “Learn More About Annuities” – 321 FastDraw

As of December 31, 2020

The Managed Advice® service is offered through Transamerica Retirement Advisors, LLC , an SEC registered investment advisor. Transamerica Retirement Solutions and TRA are affiliated companies. Morningstar Investment Management Associates, LLC®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Morningstar, is an SEC-registered investment advisor that serves as an independent financial expert and provides the underlying investment advice and portfolio management methodology for the Managed Advice® service. Morningstar is not affiliated with any Transamerica companies. Please see the Managed Advice® agreement for more information on the terms and conditions that apply.

Neither TRA nor the Managed Advice® service provides advice for, recommends allocations of, or manages individual stocks, self-directed brokerage accounts, or employer-directed monies, even if they are available for investment in a plan. Neither TRA nor Morningstar®, as the independent financial expert, selects or endorses any of the particular investment options available in a plan through the Managed Advice® service. The designated plan investment options used within the Managed Advice® service portfolios may include Transamerica proprietary investment funds or stable value products offered by Transamerica affiliates.

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Meeting Your Retirement Goals

Starting early and increasing your contributions gradually are two simple steps that can give you a better chance to meet your long-term goals.See these concepts in action and learn more about the power of starting now. Most financial advisors recommend saving 10-15% of each paycheck. If thats not possible today, consider working your way up gradually by increasing your deferral amount by 1% each year.

A Leader In The Retirement Plan Industry

Transamerica® Retirement Solutions is expertly focused onproviding retirement plans of all types to organizations of allsizes. Leveraging expertise honed by more than 75 years inbusiness, we serve:

  • more than four million retirement plan participants*
  • the entire spectrum of defined benefit and definedcontribution plans, including 401 and 403 , 457, profit sharing, money purchase, cash balance,Taft-Hartley, multiple employer plans, nonqualified deferredcompensation, and rollover and Roth IRA.

Transamerica® Retirement Solutions is part of the Transamerica®group of companies, one of the most highly regarded financialservices brands in the country. In fact, Transamerica has beenrecognized as Best in Class by trusted institutionssuch as PLANSPONSOR®.

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How Long Do I Have To Deposit The Check

You should deposit the check you get right away. Even if the check is made out to your IRA provider , you should try to do it within 60 days of receiving it.

Get a prepaid envelope sent directly to your door with a tracking number! Start a rollover with Capitalize and well send you a prepaid priority mail envelope with detailed instructions to make sure your rollover is transferred successfully. Get started

Open Architecture And Full Transparency

Transamerica Series B

Employers have flexibility when selecting our investment options no strings attached. While were proud ofourproprietary funds, Transamerica has been a longtime advocate for true open architecture plan design.Our goal is to build a plan that makes sense for the participant and the plan sponsor. Whether its our stable value offering or our managed account solution,we have a suite ofproducts that can helpplan participants pursue a healthier, more secure retirement.

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Simplify Your Life: Consider Consolidating

Moving old retirement accounts to your Transamerica plan can make it easier to manage your assets. To see if consolidation is right for you, call 855-712-0562 or schedule a free phone consultation.

Please download and review the Transamerica Retirement Advisors, LLC Form CRS

Important information about consolidation: Transfer specialists are registered representatives of Transamerica Investors Securities Corporation . Review the fees and expenses you pay, including any charges associated with transferring your account, to see if consolidating your accounts could help reduce your costs. Be sure to consider whether such a transfer changes any features or benefits that may be important to you.

The role of the onsite Retirement Planning Consultant is to assist you with your retirement plan. There are no additional charges for meeting with your Retirement Planning Consultant, who is a registered representative with Transamerica Investors Securities Corporation , member FINRA, 440 Mamaronek Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528, and registered investment advisor of Transamerica Retirement Advisors, LLC , Registered Investment Advisor. All Transamerica companies are affiliated, but are not affiliated with your employer.

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