What Is An Orp Retirement Plan


Saving For Your Retirement

What’s your retirement plan?

You and USG both contribute to the ORP. Your account balance grows through these contributions, plus earnings on your balances. You choose how to invest your ORP account balances.

If youre an exempt or salaried employee working 20 or more hours per week, you can choose to enroll in the Optional Retirement Plan .

If you dont enroll in the ORP within your first 60 days of employment with USG, youll automatically be enrolled in the Teachers Retirement System Plan.

When To Use Orp

ORP may be used at any time. ORP is useful forpre-retirees, from the time of their first 401K contribution,to project their retirement picture.

Some retirees find an annual visit to ORP to be usefulfor retirement income management with a 3 step process:

  • The retiree determines her current savings accountbalance from her monthly brokerage statement, herSocial Security benefits from SSA’s annual benefits advisory letter, and her age from her birth certificate.
  • She runs ORP to compute a full retirement plan using the input parameters fromStep 1 along with other information that provides personaldetails of her retirement situation.
  • ORP reports anincome management plan for the specified retirement duration.
  • Theretiree’s decision making is concerned only with the first year of the plan.The retiree withdraws the amountreported as the plan’s first-year distribution from her savingsand budgets her annual spending to stay within the plan’s first-year disposable income.

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    Academic And Professional Faculty Retirement Programs

    Retirement benefits are provided to you when you are employed in a qualifying position. As an eligible Academic and Professional Faculty, you will have a choice between two employer-paid retirement programs.


    • Employees of the University on training or educational visas are not eligible to participate in the retirement programs per Oregon Revised Statute 238.015 and Oregon Revised Statute 238A.005.
    • Important: Employees that were not subject to Oregon taxes , could only earn retirement credit under the OPSRP pension program from 1/1/2017 to 12/31/2019 pursuant to ORS 352.138.
    • In the 2021 legislative session SB 111 changed the definition of salary for OPSRP PERS members effective back to 1/1/2020. Beginning on January 1, 2020, salary for purposes of OPSRP is defined as the remuneration paid to an active member in return for services to the participating public employer, including remuneration in the form of living quarters, board or other items of value, to the extent the remuneration is, or would be if the member were an Oregon resident, includable in the employees taxable income under Oregon law. ORS 238A.005
    • If you have questions about this please contact PERS at:
    • Phone: 888-320-7377 or 503-598-7377

    The two employer-paid retirement programs for you to choose from are:

  • Oregon Public Employees Retirement System pension plan OR
  • Oregon Public Universities Optional Retirement Plan

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    Important Factors To Consider When Selecting Your Orp/tsa

    Flexibility in Investments Having a variety of types of investments available and the opportunity to move between them can improve your performance significantly over the years.

    Surrenderability So long as you participate in ORP payments, you cannot surrender your ORP annuity nor borrow on it. In TSA and after retirement in ORP, however, the privilege of surrendering in whole or in part becomes a potentially valuable feature.

    Transferability Ability to shift your program to another qualified employer or to another company is another feature of value. Some companies have high surrender charges in the early years to make transferring difficult and expensive.

    Loan Privileges

    How Does Orp Work

    Exempt Employee Retirement Options

    ORP is a defined contribution plan based on tax-deferred accumulations . UVA contributes a percentage of your annual compensation to your account. If you have ORP Plan 2, you also make a contribution.

    With ORP, you have more control over your account. You choose how contributions will be invested, and the amount of your benefit depends on net investment earnings.

    • For employees hired on or after July 1, 2010:

    • You contribute 5%.

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    Optional Retirement Program For Active Employees

    You may use ORP service credit to help you meet the Rule of 80 or at age 65 toward the 10-year requirement for retiree insurance. If you refunded your ORP account, you cant use the time towards insurance eligibility.

    • Governed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
    • Earned at institutions of higher education.
    • Available to employees who choose ORP instead of TRS.
    • Does not increase your ERS annuity amount.
    • Helps you meet retirement eligibility sooner.

    Higher education participants in the ORP cant buy back refunded ERS service without being re-employed by a state agency under ERS .

    Certain rules apply if you plan to use ORP service credit to retire under ERS. Contact ERS to certify your ORP service and well send you the form to complete.

    Employees Retirement System of Texas

    Pers Opsrp To Orp Transfer

    If you are a current Oregon PERS member, this is your one-time irrevocable choice to remain a PERS member at your current tier OR to transfer to the Oregon Public Universities Optional Retirement Plan . Your ORP tier will be Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3, if you are a current PERS member and your membership was established with another PERS employer OR you were employed by OSU in a retirement benefits eligible position prior to July 1, 2014. Any vested OPSRP member who elects to transfer their PERS IAP account to ORP, whether vested or not-vested, will forfeit any rights they may have to an OPSRP pension.*

    ORS 243.815

    Tiers 1 and 2 If employee is not vested at the time that they elect to ORP, their account with PERS must be terminated, IAP funds will be transferred to ORP, and the pension is forfeited.

    Tiers 1 and 2 – If employee is vested at the time that they elect to ORP, they have a one-time option to choose to transfer IAP funds to the ORP at the time of the switch. If the employee elects to make the transfer, the employee’s PERS account is terminated, IAP funds are transferred to ORP, and the pension is forfeited. If the employee does not elect to make the transfer, then the employee becomes an inactive and keeps their pension with PERS along with the IAP.

    OPSRP – If employee is not vested at the time that they elect to ORP, their account with PERS must be terminated, IAP funds will be transferred to ORP, and the pension is forfeited.

    Contact PERS

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    Trs Or The Teachers Retirement System Otherwise Known As A Defined Benefit Plan

    TRS is a version of the defined benefit pension systems of old. As you add service years, your benefit calculation grows, and upon retirement you receive a monthly paycheck. The state is responsible for coming up with the money, so no investing is required on your end. In Texas, the TRS system has the following properties:

    • You contribute 7.7% of salary, while the university contributes 6.8% of your salary on your behalf.
    • Your years of service and salary determine the ultimate monthly pension benefit.
    • When you retire, you will have the choice between several annuitization options. You may wish to have payments continue for your lifetime. Alternatively, you may choose a reduced payment that lasts for both your lifetime and that of a spouse.
    • In some cases, you can buy additional years of service, which can greatly impact your ultimate retirement benefit. We recommend talking to a representative in your states pension office to get the details on this option if contemplating such a strategy.

    In our opinion, the beauty of the TRS option is its simplicity. There are no investment decisions to make, or even an account to monitor. If you stay in the university system long enough, then you can retire with a guaranteed income for life.

    Office Of Human Resources

    Is A 401(k) Really A Good Retirement Plan?
  • Retirement Programs
  • Optional Retirement Program
  • The Optional Retirement Program is an alternative to the Teachers and State Employees Retirement system . Eligible employees have the option to select TSERS, a defined benefit plan as qualified under Section 40l of the Internal Revenue Code or the alternative ORP, a defined contribution plan as qualified under Section 403 of the IRC. The ORP allows portability of accumulated contribution balances. It provides flexibility by offering participants a greater choice of investment and distribution options.

    The University cannot offer advice on retirement plans or guarantee investment returns, interest rates, dividends, or tax advantages. We do recommend careful review of the ORP company literature along with the handbook, UNC Retirement Programs Guide . You may wish to consult a qualified financial or tax professional for assistance in deciding which of the plans better meets your retirement goals.

    For additional information including a fund comparison visit the University of North Carolina Education website or go directly to the ORP information.

    The authorized carriers for the ORP are:

    • Permanent full-time or three-quarter time Faculty and EHRA Non Faculty.

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    Definition Of Orp Eligibility Standards

    The full-time positions defined below meet eligibility standards for participation in the ORP program as set forth in ORP Standards outlined in the Rules and Regulations of the Administrative Council of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The ORP Eligibility Chart provides an outline how ORP eligibility is determined.

    Positions below level 13 do NOT meet ORP eligibility standards as set forth in the Rules and Regulations. Advertising in The Chronicle of Higher Education or conducting a national search does NOT, in and of itself, confer eligibility pursuant to legislative intent.

    Financial Coaching And Retirement Advice

    CAPTRUST Financial Advisors, an independent financial advisory firm, can help to select the retirement plan that is right for you and provides dedicated investment advisory sessions to help you address financial concerns, improve your financial wellness and reach retirement goals. Theres no cost to you its part of your USG benefits package.

    Schedule an appointment with CAPTRUST online or call 1-800-967-9948.

    Check out the variety of events and webinars USG offers.

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    Learn About Usgs Retirement Plan Options

    Take a look at key features of the TRS and ORP Plans

    If youre a nonexempt or hourly paid employee working 20 or more hours per week, youll automatically be enrolled in the Teachers Retirement System Plan.

    If youre an exempt or salaried employee working 20 or more hours per week, you can choose either the Optional Retirement Plan or the TRS. If you dont enroll in the ORP within your first 60 days of employment with USG, youll automatically be enrolled in the TRS.

    Making Your Retirement Program Election

    Optimal Distributions From A Tax
    • If eligible, you will receive the Retirement Plan Notification to your OSU email account in your fourth month of employment

    • Review information in the notification, including attachments

    • Complete and submit the Retirement Plan Election Form by the deadline listed in the notification

  • Retirement Plan program election must be made by the time you complete six months of service

  • This is a one-time irrevocable decision for all Oregon Public University employment

  • If you do not return the Retirement Plan Election Form by the deadline listed in the notification, your retirement plan will default to PERS/OPSRP IAP program

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    Planning For Your Future

    PEBAs retirement awareness series, , provides you with information that can help you make smart decisions about your financial future. Regardless of how we define retirement awareness, PEBA believes its important to plan for a secure financial future and think about what life will be like after you quit working. We encourage you to use these resources and act now to help secure your financial future.

    How To Use Orp

  • Each input form parameter has a help document associated with it.Click the parameters label to see the parameter’s help.
  • Except for Retiree’s Current Age, all form entries are optional andmay be left blank. ORP supplies a default value for blank fields onthe form.
  • Single retirees do not fill in the Spouse column.
  • Where appropriate ORP provides for separate accounts for husbandand wife. The accounts appear in two columns, labeled Retiree and Spouse.For example, retiree and spouse have separate IRAs, and Roth IRAs but the couple shares a common taxable account.
  • A married retiree with a stay-at-home spouse should still fillin Spouse’s age even though all other values in the Spouse columnwill remain blank. Spouse’s age is used to compute Social Securityspousal benefits and income taxes.
  • All dollar amounts are in thousands of dollars. For example$10,000 of annual Social Security benefits is entered as 10.
  • A percentage is entered as an integer and fraction. For example32.5% is entered as 32.5 and not .325.
  • Ages are entered as integers.
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    Can I Get My Retirement Money If I Quit My Job

    Factor in Your Age. If you lose or quit your job in the year you turn 55 or later, you can take 401 withdrawals without incurring the 10% early withdrawal penalty. But if you roll the money into an IRA, you will have to wait until age 59 1/2 to avoid the early withdrawal penalty.

    What happens to a pension if you quit?

    Pension Options When You Leave a Job Typically, when you leave a job with a defined benefit pension, you have a few options. You can choose to take the money as a lump sum now or take the promise of regular payments in the future, also known as an annuity. You may even be able to get a combination of both.

    What is optional term life?

    Optional term life insurance is additional coverage you can purchase through your employer that is over and above the basic life insurance coverage you get through an employee benefits plan. Your employer typically pays the premium for the basic coverage, and you pay the full premium for any optional term life you buy.

    How Are My Benefits Calculated

    Investing Basics: Planning for Retirement

    Retirement benefit amounts are based on the total accumulation in the account including any credited interest or dividends, your age, the age of your annuity partner, if applicable, and the income option selected. There are no age or service requirements to meet in order for a vested participant to begin receiving a benefit.

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    How The Plans Compare

    See how the TRS compares to the ORP with this easy-to-use comparison chart. You can also meet with CAPTRUST to help select a retirement plan. Schedule an appointment with CAPTRUST online or call 1-800-967-9948, MondayThursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern time or Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Starting Early Has Its Advantages


    • Each participant shall contribute monthly to the program the same amount he would be required to contribute to the South Carolina Retirement System if the participant were a member of that system .

    • Your employer contributes an amount equal to 5% of your salary each pay period, on a pre-tax basis.


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    How The Orp Works

    The ORP is a 401 defined contribution plan. Your account balance is based upon contributions from you and USG, plus accumulated earnings. You select your investment elections and can manage those elections within your selected vendors platform. To learn more, review the following Plan at a Glance information and theORP Retirement Enrollment Guide.

    • You and USG contribute to your ORP account.

    • You: 6% of your pre-tax compensation
    • USG: 9.24% of your pre-tax compensation for calendar year 2023

    You can select from a menu of investments from three approved retirement plan providers: Corebridge Financial , Fidelity or TIAA.

    Each provider offers a wide array of investment options, interactive financial planning tools and high-quality customer service. Learn more.

    To learn more about your investment options, go to OneUsgConnect. Click Research Your Investments within [email protected].

    • You can begin receiving penalty-free distributions if youre at least age 55 and are no longer working for USG.
    • You can elect to receive your benefits in installments as a lump sum or as monthly payments.
    • Withdrawals could occur due to termination of employment, death and/or retirement.

    In the event of your death, your entire account will be paid to your designated beneficiary.

    If you leave USG, you have these options:

    • Leave your plan balance with your retirement plan provider,
    • Roll over your balance to another qualified plan or IRA, or
    • Request a lump-sum distribution .

    Is Vrs The Same As 401k

    PERS Employer eUpdate

    The VRS retirement plan is a qualified 401 defined benefit plan which pays eligible members a lifetime benefit amount based on years of service, age, and compensation. VRS members may also participate in the Virginia Deferred Compensation Plan. Additional information can be found at www.varetire.org.

    How is a 401a different from a 401k?

    401 plans are generally offered by government and nonprofit employers, while 401 plans are more common in the private sector. Often enrollment in a 401 plan is mandatory for employees. Participation in a 401 plan is not mandatory. Withdrawals from traditional 401k plans are taxed as income.

    What is the difference between a 457b and 403b?

    The 403 has a much higher limit than the 457, which lacks a separate contribution limit for employers. 457s only allow $20,500 in contributions from any source in 2022, whereas 403s allows total contributions of $61,000, including $20,500 from an employee.

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    Suny Optional Retirement Program

    The SUNY Optional Retirement Program is a defined contribution New York State Public Retirement Plan. Retirement benefits will depend on the value upon distribution of individually owned annuity contracts purchased on behalf of electing employees through employer and required employee contributions from one or more of the currently Authorized Investment Providers for the SUNY ORP, including: Corebridge , Fidelity, TIAA, and Voya. Information and assistance with selecting and managing investments is available .

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