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The Best Way to Invest Your Money

Finally, you probably don’t want to work for the rest of your life. I know I don’t. So, you need to plan for retirement somehow. However, that seems so far off and you just put off doing anything about it.

So, depending on your situation, you are likely asking yourself one of two questions. If you aren’t saving, you will want to know how you can get started. On the other hand, if you are saving, you will want to know if you’re saving enough.

In order to answer those questions, you have to know your goals and understand the process to achieve them. You also have to make sure you are budgeting properly by using an app like Personal Capital and know your numbers.

Saving money is not a one-size fits all concept. Sure, there are guidelines and we will discuss some of those. But, you need to customize these guidelines to fit your lifestyle and your family’s end game.

Ramp Up Your Retirement Savings

This is the time in your life when you start earning real money, making it even more important to save for retirement. If youve fallen behind on your 10 percent savings goal, make it up now and dont be afraid to go even higher.

Now is also the time to take advantage of automatic increases in your retirement savings. You can set up a direct deposit into your retirement fund to increase by a set percentage each year. Since the increased percentage goes into your account automatically, you wont have the chance to miss it.

You can also begin to stash more of those pay raises into savings, rather than spending them.

Saving Tip #: Get Rid Of Any Debts

The Retirement in America study found that almost one-third of savers who are in debt ranked credit card debt as a top reason they dont save more for retirement.10

Debt isnt just borrowing money you dont have from the bank. Its also borrowing from your future! Every dollar that goes to a debt payment is a dollar you could have invested. If you want to be serious about saving for the future, debt has got to go. Knock out your debt using the debt snowball method.

We talked to thousands of millionaires to find out how they built wealth and what it takes to retire as a millionaire. And guess what? Not one of them ever said they got rich from their rewards points. The majority have never had a credit card balance in their lives and most of them never took out a student loan.

Why? Because millionaires know that debt will hold you back and prevent you from reaching your financial goals. Stay away!

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Resist The Urge To Tinker With Your Accounts

Because saving for retirement is so critical, you might think you should maintain a tight focus on your accounts and what they’re doing.

But saving for retirement is more like a marathon than a sprintit’s going to take a while and it will occasionally be a little monotonous. The best thing you can do is settle into a good saving rhythm.

You And Your Spouse Come First

What is the Best Way to Save for Retirement in 2017?

Don’t trash your retirement savings plan to send your children to college. Your kids have more options and opportunities than you do. Your 401 may or may not allow you to take out a loan on your retirement account balance.

In any case, your kids have their entire lives ahead of them. They can start saving for retirement in their 20s and 30s. If you’re in your 40s, you can’t turn back the clock and regain those decades of saving for retirement. As such, the best gift you can give your children is your own financial retirement security.

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Saving Tip #: Stop Overspending On Non

Going out for lunch with your coworkers every day or signing up for that cable package with all those premium channels you never watch can leave your nest egg riding on empty.

A recent study found that the average American spends almost $1,500 on non-essential items every month.8 Thats almost $18,000 a year on things like eating out, impulse purchases and magazine subscriptions! We want you to enjoy life and have some fun! But dont go overboard and let your fun hijack your future.

What if you just cut your non-essential spending by $150 per month and put that money into retirement savings for 15 years? By ditching your cable and canceling that gym membership you barely use, you could potentially add almost $70,000 to your retirement account. Thats nothing to sneeze at.

Are you already thinking about some things in your budget you might be able to slash? Here are a couple of my suggestions:

Increase Your Relative Wealth

$1.2 million will get you a pokey one-bedroom apartment in downtown Manhattan, a Cribs-worthy manse elsewhere in the country, or a beachfront palace in another part of the world. Point is, if you have a thirst for new beginnings, you can become many times richer than you are by spending time in a place where housing costs, living expenses and health care cost a fraction of what they do Stateside. Suddenly, you’ll have ample funds with which to retire.

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How Can I Invest In My Retirement In My 20s

The good news is that in your 20s youre getting a significant head start over most people.

If youre 25, youre likely not going to retire prior to age 67, so that gives you 42 years to save up! So even a small contribution of $25/month, invested in a mutual fund averaging 10% interest each year could get you a big result.

Dont believe me? Lets do the math.

$25/month, invested in mutual funds that earn an average of 10% a year, spread out over 47 years will get you $287,751 by the time you hit retirement at age 67. Calculated using MoneyChimps compound interest calculator.

Now, the good news is thats a decent amount of money for a very small investment that ANYONE can make. The bad news is its not enough to retire on unless you have a 401k or other retirement income on top of it.

Faqs On Retirement Planning

Best Way to Plan for Retirement

The monthly CPP/QPP retirement pension you will receive is based on how much you have contributed and how long you have been contributing at the time you start to receive benefits. The amount you receive is also affected by your age when you start receiving your retirement benefit.

  • To get an estimate of your CPP retirement benefit, request your CPP Statement of Contributions by registering for a My Service Canada Account online or request a copy of your statement from Service Canada by mail.
  • To see your personalized QPP entitlement, request your Statement of Participation in the Québec Pension Plan by registering for a clicSÃQUR account online or contact Retraite Quebec by mail.

According to the 2019 RBC Retirement Myths & Realities poll, conducted by Ipsos, Canadians age 50+ with investable assets of $100,000+ have an average of $674,000 in retirement savings. However, when asked what they would like to save for retirement, survey participants said they would like to have a total of $949,000 in savings.

An annuity is a financial contract between you and an insurance company. You deposit a lump sum with the insurer to an income option) and, in return, receive guaranteed payments of a pre-determined amount. Each payment is a combination of a return of the original capital and interest income. Only the interest income is taxable. When purchasing an annuity, you effectively transfer all of the risk of investing to the expertise of the insurer.

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The Benchmarks For Those Closer To Retirement

The range gets wider as you get older, so we also provide more detailed estimates for people approaching retirement. This helps someone find a realistic target based on income and marital status, which affect Social Security benefits.

A Closer Look at Savings Benchmarks Later in Your Career

Savings Benchmarks Later in Your Career

11x 13.5x

Assumptions: See Savings Benchmarks by AgeAs a Multiple of Income above. Dual income means that one spouse generates 75% of the income that the other spouse earns.

Leave Your Retirement Savings Alone

When it comes to your retirement savings, you want to leave them alone until you absolutely need them, which should only be when you retire. For example, you should avoid withdrawing from your 401 early, even if you need the money to pay off debts. Early 401 withdrawal can cause you to face penalties from the IRS. It might work in some cases, but its important to weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.

Leaving your retirement savings alone also means your investments will continue to grow over time, thanks to the beauty of compound interest.

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Build Your Emergency Fund

Start small. Financial advisors recommend you have six months worth of essential expenses stowed away in a high-yield savings account. Thats a rather daunting task for someone just starting out in their career.

You dont have to get there all at once. Aim for one months worth and go from there. If youre ever in need of cash, an emergency fund will keep you from dipping into retirement accounts, which would cripple your ability to compound gains. Use a safe savings account to make sure your money is there when you need it and score the highest interest rates by shopping around.

Start With Your End Goal

Is a 401(k) Really the Best Way to Save for Retirement?

You wouldn’t plan a vacation without knowing where you’re going or how you’ll get there. Retirement planning is no different. Understanding where you are today and what your end goal is will help you identify gaps in retirement planning so you can change course while you still have time.

Start by setting your ideal retirement age and how much money you’d need to live comfortably in retirement. If you’re unsure, use a retirement calculator to determine the amount. Then make a list of your expected savings and sources of income, such as Social Security, annuities and pensions.

When you understand where you are now and what your goals are, it’s easier to spot gaps in your retirement savings plan and course correct sooner.

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Stop Saving For College

Parents often make the mistake of sacrificing their own retirements to save for their childrens education. Stop contributing to a college savings account until you are caught up on your retirement savings goals. Remember: Your child has the option to get a student loan, but you wont be able to get a retirement loan.

Be Aware Of Otherunderstand Other Benefits Offered By The Government

From health care needs to financial or long-term care resources, there are wonderful benefits to help seniors fund retirement through the government or private organizations. Review the type of supplemental health care coverage that might be available to you. Get more information on Medicare, Medicaid and Long-Term Care Insurance. Also, take advantage of the many tax breaks for seniors, like the Senior Citizen Homeowners Exemption, which can lower your annual property taxes.

Read about government resources and other senior benefits .

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Best Ways To Save For Retirement In Your 30s

Youre in your 30s and it probably feels like youve got all the time in the world to worry about retirement. Even if youre saving money now, you might be focused on buying a home, having kids or setting up a college fund for the kids you already have.

Theres nothing wrong with those things, but the simple truth is that its never too early to start saving for retirement. In fact, one of the most common questions we get from our Addition Financial Members is this:

Were here to help. If youre wondering where and how to save for retirement, here are five of the best ways to get started.

Put Money Into An Ira Each Paycheck

How to choose the best retirement strategy for 2022

As of 2022, you can contribute up to $5,5006000 a year into an Individual Retirement Account , and even more if youre 50 or older. IRAs are a great option for retirement savings as they provide tax advantages and an easy way to save. If you have an employer-sponsored retirement plan, you may also be able to roll over money from that account into an IRA.

There are two types of IRAs: traditional and Roth. With a traditional IRA, you get a tax deduction for your contributions, but you pay taxes on the money when you withdraw it in retirement. With a Roth IRA, you dont get a tax deduction for your contributions, but the money grows tax-free and you dont have to pay taxes on it when you withdraw it in retirement.

You can open an IRA at most financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and investment firms. Learn more about the different types of IRAs, including Roth IRA and traditional IRA.

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Roth Ira Same As The Above With One Huge Key Difference

  • In this case, you put in money after you paid taxes but the money grows tax-free as long as you wait until age 59 1/2 to withdraw it
  • You cannot open a Roth IRA if your household income exceeds $184,000
  • A Roth is almost always your best option if you qualify, as the money grows tax-free. When possible do a Roth first, an employer-matched 401k second, and then a traditional IRA as a last option
  • Outside of a 401k, this would be the next best way to save for retirement

Want more detail on these? Check out the IRS page on all plans. I can almost guarantee it wont flag you for an audit!

Unsure of how much is in your Social Security Account?

Normally they mail your statements, but you can also check online by going to the Social Security Page (create an account if you dont already have one. But think of your social security as icing on the cake depending on it for 100% of your retirement is risky business!

Sure Dividend has a great resource for helping break down, explain all S& P 500 companies including yields and they update their resource each and every month!

Three years ago, William Brown of Fort St. John, B.C., then age 12, started asking his aunt and mom about stocks, bonds, mutual funds and compounding interest.

Courtney Hind, CFP

The Best Way To Save For Retirement Is To Start Early

How much you’re able to save for retirement depends entirely on your unique financial situation. But if you’re able to start saving early, you will likely be in a better situation when you leave the workforce. Your money will have had more time to grow.

Here are three hypothetical examples of people who put the same amount of money in their retirement accounts but had different results based on when they started saving. Each put in an initial amount of $10,000 and then saved $10,000 per year with an average annual return of 4%.

  • Miguel started saving at age 35 and saved consistently for 30 years. His savings at age 65 was $615,717.
  • Delia started saving at age 45 and saved consistently for 20 years. Her savings at age 65 was $331,603.

This is the power of compound interest: The earlier you start saving, the more time your money has to grow, with your investment gains earning additional interest year after year. Taking several years off from saving for retirement could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment growth.

Although there is not one single account or method or portfolio that’s “the best” way to save for retirement, the best tactic is starting early. Connect with a

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Trim Your Lifestyle And Spending

Take a look at your purchases over the past few months. Identify spending habits that you can eliminate. It might be a membership you dont use any more, or maybe you start cooking more meals at home instead of going out to eat as often. Keep a diary to track your spending. Note extravagant purchases and see ways to save.

How Investing Can Work For Me

5 Best Ways to Save for Retirement in Your 40s

The money in your pension is usually invested which means it has the potential to grow in value. The decisions you make about your investments can have a big impact on the amount of money you have in the future so it’s important you understand your investment options.

You can find out more about your investment options on our Investments page.

How long youre invested for also plays a big part in the amount of money you could get back at retirement. Generally, the longer you can keep your money invested, the more potential it has to grow.

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