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The Best Age To Retire: When You Can Collect 100% Of Social Security Benefits

SURVEY: 62 is the average age Americans want to retire

The best age to retire for most would be the age at which you can collect full Social Security benefits, which the Social Security Administration calls full retirement age. However, this Social Security benefits age isnt a fixed number, depending instead on your birthdate. The Social Security Administration lists full retirement age as between 66 and 67, depending on your birthdate. The Social Security Administration lists full retirement age as between 66 and 67, depending on your birthdate. Furthermore, you can also begin collecting benefits at age 62, although doing so means receiving less benefits than if you started collecting them at your full retirement age.

How Social Security Works

Social Security is meant to supplement your retirement income and ease financial concerns as you get older. Its essentially a support system for Americas elderly, enabled by the 1935 Social Security Act. Most beneficiaries are retirees and their families. However, disabled individuals and survivors of workers who have died are also eligible to collect Social Security benefits.

Workers make Social Security contributions each month, which appear on your paycheck as Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes. Upon retirement, you can begin to receive Social Security payments, which will continue throughout the rest of your life. How much you receive each month, however, depends on when you elect to begin taking benefits and whether youve reached full retirement age at that point.

Full retirement age is the age at which you become eligible to start receiving full retirement benefits. It was 65 for many years, but the Social Security Administration amended that rule in 1983 because of increases in average life expectancy. Now, depending on the year you were born, you reach full retirement age sometime between 65 and 67. Full retirement age rises gradually from 1938 onward. Anyone born after 1960 reaches full retirement at 67. The Social Security Administration table below breaks down full retirement benefits for different age groups:

Social Security Administration Retirement Benefits
Birth Year
65+2 months for every year after 1937

Why 50 Is The Best Age To Retire

According to the data, a 50-year-old worker can expect to be healthy and to continue working for approximately nine more years.

Healthy working life expectancy at age 50 years in England is below the remaining years to State Pension age. Older workers of lower socioeconomic status and in particular regions in England might benefit from proactive approaches to improve health, workplace environments, and job opportunities to improve their healthy working life expectancy, the authors wrote in the new paper. Continued monitoring of healthy working life expectancy would provide further examination of the success of such approaches and that of policies to extend working lives.

In order to approximate the average number of years people spend healthy and employed, the authors paired The ELSA mortality reports with records authorized by The United Kingdom National Health Service.

This paring introduced several relevant factors, namely sex, deprivation, health status and region. From the age of 50, men can expect to be healthy and in work for about 10.9 years compared to the 8.3 years observed among female participants.

This outcome was similarly influenced by demanding allocations. On balance, the number of years people were healthy and working was shorter among those who work manual jobs compared to non-manual labor by one year.

State Pension age in the UK is going up from 65 to 66 for men and women in October 2020, and is said to increase again to 67 by the year 2028.

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How Will Waiting Past 65 Affect My Benefits

If you wish to continue working past your eligible retirement age, you can continue making contributions and working simultaneously until you are 70 years old. These contributions will build your post-retirement benefits. You can continue working past 70, but your pension will no longer increase past that date.

For every month after age 65, you wait to start receiving benefits, your payments increase by 0.7%. In other words, you’ll receive a 7.2% increase for every year after 65 you wait to apply for benefits. Waiting until 70 years old to apply means you’ll receive an increase of 42% on your payments.

Any contributions you make to your post-retirement benefits will go into effect the next year and stay that amount for the rest of your life. You’ll be collecting 42% more in payments permanently than you would have if you applied at age 65.

Average Retirement Age By Race


White Americans tend to have more assets at retirement than Black or Hispanic Americans.

Just 35% of Hispanic families and 41% of Black families have savings in a 401 or IRA account, according to the Economic Policy Institute .


Despite the lack of savings, minority groups are more likely to retire at earlier ages.

While the Federal Reserve research above didnt identify average retirement ages by race, it did report that 56% of Black people and 65% of Hispanic people retired at the age of 61 or earlier, compared to less than half of white retirees.

Common reasons for the earlier retirement age were health problems, having to care for family members and lack of available work.

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Late Retirement Age 70 And Older

According to Stats Canada, the number of Canadians retiring 70 and older has more than doubled in the last ten years, which is a staggering increase.

Here are some of the reasons more Canadians are choosing to retire later in life:

  • No more mandatory retirement age of 65: In 2009, the government decided to get rid of this restriction, giving Canadians a choice to continue to work as long as they wanted to.
  • People are living longer: With advancements in health care and the overall well-being of Canadians, we are living longer than ever. That means that more money will be needed in retirement, so more people choose to work longer. Two out of five Canadians who are 65 currently will live past the age of 90, which is a very long time to retire.
  • Some people enjoy their work: I know it sounds crazy, right! But yes, many people get bored during retirement or are passionate about their job, so decide to continue to work.
  • Money: Probably the most obvious one is that you will earn more money when you work more. Youll also maximize your retirement income payouts such as your Canada Pension Plan and OAS. The fear of running out of money keeps many people working past the age of 70.
  • Do You Have Things To Keep You Busy

    You may fall into a funk without things to do in retirement, which could put you in a dark place. While less important than the financial aspect of making sure youre ready to retire, this question can help you find something to keep you physically and mentally in shape.

    Many people are transitioning into a phase of unretirement, reentering the workforce to have a job making a difference and keeping them busy rather than worrying about financial obligations. Aside from getting a part-time job, you can also take up new hobbies or return to old ones you used to do before you became too busy.

    If you have children, you may choose to spend time with them and any potential grandchildren or great-grandchildren. As you move into a new phase of your life, spending time with your loved ones should become more critical than ever.

    You should also look after your social life outside of your family during retirement. Get out and get to know new people, whether at a community center or by playing games online. Try something new even if its challenging, like video games and you may find a new hobby.

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    How Much Income Will I Get From My Private Pension

    Your private pension income will depend on the size of your pension pot and what youre willing to do with the funds in it. Again, you can use the Unbiased Pension Calculator to work this out. There are a number of ways to take income from your private pension. You can withdraw up to 25% of your pension tax-free, and the rest will be taxed as normal income.

    Broadly speaking, you can achieve higher income in the shorter term from drawdown, but this is less reliable than an annuity, which is guaranteed for life. With drawdown, you can eventually run out of money if you take out too much, and/or if the stock market performs badly. The annuity will never run out the snag is that the annual income may not be as high as youd like.

    Some retirees find that a mixture works well for them: an annuity for reliability, and a drawdown fund for flexibility.

    Some Thoughts On The Timing Of Retirement

    Social Security at 62 vs 65

    Thirty years ago, people typically started work at a fairly young age , worked to 65 and then statistically lived to age 72. They had many years to earn and save and few years to spend. The fact is normal retirement has been 65 for a long time. Think about it, all of our retirement benefits like Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security are geared to a retirement at age 65.

    Times have changed a bit. People are now starting to work later because of school and post secondary education . People are also retiring earlier. Today, Freedom 55 has branded the thought in millions of people that the time to retire is age 55. While this is great in theory, it is not that easy to achieve in reality.

    While everyone wants to retire early, the fact is the average retirement age is about 62 for men and 58 for women. The average retirement age has been hovering around 60 for a quite a few years.

    So, if you started working at age 25 and you worked to age 60, you have 35 years of work and accumulation. The other change is that life expectancy is growing and people are living longer. If life expectancy is about age 80, that means we have less time to accumulate and more time to support our retirement income. Early retirement and longer life expectancy means it is more important that ever to plan properly for retirement.

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    What Are Some Key Ages In Your Retirement Timeline

    Once you have a rough draft of the first two pieces of your retirement blueprint, you and your advisor can start refining your retirement timeline. And at this point in the process, age can be an important factor. For instance:

    • 59 ½ A good place to start thinking about early retirement goals, because you won’t be penalized for making withdrawals from retirement accounts.
    • 62 You’re eligible for Social Security. Of course, the longer you wait to take Social Security, the larger your eventual benefit will be. But some folks need these benefits to meet an early retirement goal or to navigate an unexpected early retirement.
    • 65 This is when you become eligible for Medicare. If you retire before 65 and you can’t jump on a working spouse’s plan, you’ll need to purchase health care from your state’s exchange or pay for COBRA to cover a short-term gap.
    • 67 Full retirement age for anyone born in 1960 or later, which is when you can receive your full Social Security benefits.
    • 70 Keep working past 67 and don’t take Social Security, and your benefits will continue to grow until age 70.
    • 72 The age at which you have to start taking annual required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts.

    Planning for your best retirement.

    Picking the best time to retire is a decision that’s as personal as it is financial. Our comprehensive planning process at Keen Wealth will help you keep both in sync. Call us up and lets start working on your ideal retirement timeline.

    Personal And Health Concerns

    Money isnt everything. If you have a chronic health condition that is worsened by work-related stress, or feel like you are missing out on important family milestones or time with your grandchildren, it may be time to call it quits.

    On the other hand, economists have found that retirees have an average medical spend of roughly $122,000 in medical costs after the age of 70. Health concerns are a huge aspect of any retirement consideration, and saving as much as possible for retirement is certainly a priority.

    For some people, downsizing and simplifying their lifestyles is enough to make retirement attainable. For others, putting off retirement for a few years allows them to save money, without sacrificing quality of life. Many people have found that retirement communities are the most affordable option, when considering the rising costs of in-home caregiving, medication, and the costs of catastrophic care.

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    Is It Better To Work Or Retire

    Continuing to work for as long as possible will absolutely give you more choices and financial freedom in retirement, Duran explains. Working for a longer period of time not only gives you more savings and builds your safety net, but it also provides health benefits which you don’t have to pay for personally.

    Here Is The Age When Many Americans Hope To Retire

    When Is the Ideal (and Actual) Retirement Age?
    • The average age at which Americans hope to stop working is 62.
    • But exactly when people hope to stop working varies by generation.
    • Working longer has certain advantages, particularly with regard to Social Security and Medicare.

    Many workers look forward to the day when they can retire.

    A recent survey from Natixis Investment Managers set out to find out exactly when most Americans hope to stop working.

    The average age is 62, the research found.

    However, it turns out when people to hang up their hats varies by generation.

    The youngest cohort, Generation Y ages 25 to 40 plans to retire at an average age of 59. For Generation X now 41 to 56 the average age is 60. Baby boomers who range from 57 to 75 indicated they plan to work longer, with an average expected retirement age of 68.

    That’s as 83% of non-retired U.S. investors said they are confident they will be financially secure in retirement. That includes 88% of Gen Y, 82% of Gen X and 79% of baby boomers.

    Even so, 41% of respondents said achieving financial security in retirement is “going to take a miracle,” the survey found. That sentiment was highest among Gen Y, with 46%, and Gen X, 45%, while baby boomers came in with 30%.

    While there is a general sense of confidence, the results show there are a number of questions people have with regard to retirement planning, said Dave Goodsell, executive director at Natixis’ Center for Investor Insight.

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    What Is The Average Retirement Age In The Uk

    In 2019, the average retirement age was 65.3 years old for men and 64.3 for women. This figure has fluctuated over the years, sinking to 63.1 and 60.6 in 1995 for men and women respectively, from highs of 67.2 and 63.9 in 1950. However, one study found that nearly a third of the workforce now expects to retire after their 70th birthday, due to factors such as rising debt in older age, and around 12% of men and 6.7% of women over pension age are still in work. If you want to retire at 55, as some people on moderate incomes still manage to do, youll need to plan carefully and start preparing early to beat this upward trend.

    Got Lucky Finding A Passion

    Thankfully, I had found something more interesting to do. If it wasnt for Financial Samurai, I probably would have gutted it out until at least 40. Then I would have taken at least a 6-month sabbatical to reassess my life.

    I worked in a satellite office that already had two Managing Directors. The only way Id have been able to get promoted was to move to Hong Kong or New York City. Such a move didnt make sense due to the large drop in quality of life compared to San Francisco. Therefore, staying in the same role for at least six more years would have left me bored and a little bitter.

    Instead, I left at 34 and focused my energy to create something of my own. It is the creation of something from nothing that will give you the most satisfaction.

    Finally, the severance package was also a key catalyst to leave. Because my severance package provided for about five years of living expenses, it made me feel more comfortable leaving six years earlier than I had originally planned.

    Ideally, I should have worked for two more years to get the perfect match. Two more years of savings plus five years of severance would bring me to the ideal retirement age range of 41-45 from a financial standpoint.

    If you are unwilling to wait until 41-45 to retire, then please at least negotiate a severance. There is little downside.

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    What Is The Best Age To Retire For Longevity

    Retirement Sage Sharing Insights Into Achieving a Great Retirement

    While everyone has a tendency to focus on money, often overlooked is living a long and happy life. They say you cant take it with you, so whats the secret for a rich and fulfilling retirement?

    As a general rule, early retirement leads to a longer and happier life. The optimal age is your mid 50s, when youre still young and healthy enough to enjoy everything. The only caveat is ensuring sufficient savings to support your desired lifestyle.

    Our most precious asset is time, something which most of us take for granted. A stark reminder was the passing of a good friend and work colleague. He loved his job and prided himself on over forty years of service.

    Unfortunately, his age made him a corporate liability. I know he felt deeply hurt and betrayed the day they terminated his employment. Much to his surprise, retirement wasnt so bad. Sadly, it only lasted two years!

    We all know someone who was robbed of what should have been their golden years. Time is precious and each of us has a best before date.

    This is why the best age to retire for longevity is when youre still young and healthy enough to fully enjoy it.

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