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Bee Ridge South Sarasota And Siesta Key Florida

Top 5 reasons why you should retire to Naples Florida

My Bee Ridge for retirement ratings

Percent of population age 65+: 37.3%

Crime and safety rating: Excellent

School and Employment rating: Very Good

Shopping and dining rating: Excellent

Recreation rating: Excellent

Healthcare for seniors age 65+: Excellent

*Cost of Living: Very High

*Housing Cost:

Median List Price: $315,000 & Trending down

Median Sold Price: $308,000

Median Rent: $2200

*Data is for the Sarasota FL area.

Population: Approximately 11,000

Location: About 30 minutes south of Tampa-St Petersburg on Southwest Floridas Gulf Coast

Particular Positives

All 3 places are just a short drive to Sarasota Memorial Hospital and Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. Both facilities have been awarded Medicares highest rating of 5 stars.

Siesta Key Beach is one of the highest rated beaches in the world.

The Sarasota area is the art and culture capital of Floridas West Coast

Particular Negatives

All 3 places are located have a coastal location and a higher risk from hurricane damage and disruption than places farther inland.

Best for:

Bee Ridge, South Sarasota and Siesta Key may work for those moving from almost anywhere, from small towns to major metro areas.

Retirees who want access to nearby upscale dining, shopping and entertainment in a small-medium size coastal city.

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My Key Largo for retirement ratings

Percent of population age 65+: 24.3%

Crime and safety rating: Excellent

School and Employment rating: Very Good

Cost of Living: Very High

Educational & Rewarding Hobbies For Retired People

Retirement can be a great opportunity to enrich yourself and expand your mind. Below are some of the best educational hobbies to explore in retirement.

  • Be a Mentor:Want to impart your wisdom to others? There are many mentor programs out there that are always looking for people willing to help.
  • Take Classes:There are plenty of free classes available for you to learn a new skill or explore a topic in further detail.
  • Read:Just like with exercise, everyone wishes they could read more. Perhaps there are books you always wished you could read. Or you could just do a search online for the best novels of the past 25 years and start there. Either way, reading is a fun and rewarding hobby that will also help keep you mentally fit.
  • Learn a Second Language:Even if you dont travel the world in retirement, learning a second language is a popular hobby among retirees and can even help stave off mental decline.
  • Volunteer:Perhaps youre not ready for a part-time job just yet. Volunteering can be a rewarding hobby, as well. Find a cause/non-profit that means a lot to you and see if they accept volunteers.

What If I Dont Have A Roth Annuity Or Non

If youre nearing retirement, you might not have these options for your income planning.

Dont fret.

You can rollover a 401 or transfer an IRA to an annuity, just like the other 2 retirement plans. You will be taxed on the full income amount versus none or a portion of your income from the Roth or Nonqualified annuity.

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The 10 Most Affordable Places To Retire In Florida

byEllen Kershneron March 29th, 2021

While Florida certainly has more than its share of luxurious active adult communities, it also has many affordable properties that are within your reach. You dont have to be a millionaire to snag a retirement home that offers comfort, desirable amenities, and a warm climate.

You’ll see some familiar cities on this list, along with a few that may be new to you. It features communities in different parts of the state, so whether you prefer to be close to the beach or more centrally located, youre sure to find something that speaks to you.

Here are 10 areas in the Sunshine State that offer affordable active adult communities.

Florida Has An Excess Of Weirdness

Advantages of Retiring to Florida

Perhaps Florida gets a bad rap, but come on: It sure has more than its fair share of weird stories that waft in and out of the news cycle. Craig Pittman, a native Floridian and journalist at the Tampa Bay Times, literally wrote the book on Florida weirdness: Oh Florida! How Americas Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country. Heres a telling snippet from a 2016 New York Times review of Pittmans book: The deal with Florida is the charlatans and lunatics and Snapchat-famous plastic surgeons. It is the Ponzi schemes, the byzantine corruption, the evangelical fervor and the consenting-adult depravity. It is the seasonless climate. The lack of historical consciousness. The way in which this nations unctuous elements tend to trickle down as if Florida were the grease trap under Americas George Foreman grill.

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Why Retiring In Boca Raton Is Just Plain Better

When it comes to retirement living, there are few cities better than Boca Raton, Florida. Not only has it been listed as the second-best place to retire in all of Florida, but CNBC named Boca one of the top 10 U.S. southern cities for retirement. Obviously, its popular. But why do people retire in Boca Raton? Is it the sun? The sand? The people? The weather? Turns out its a whole perfect collection of great qualities that make retiring in Boca Raton just plain better than other places around the United States. Heres a short list of the most wonderful things about Boca that make it so appealing to spend your retirement years there.

Reasons Why People Retire To Florida

Home » Reasons why people retire to Florida

To retire to Florida, means, simply put, that youre going to enjoy your senior years living a comfortable, peaceful and quiet lifestyle. However, sometimes, you may hear about a certain natural disaster or crime on TV or read it in the newspapers and think that it might not be the best idea to retire to Florida. Such a line of thought isnt the best one, especially having in mind the increase in the number of people spending their retirement years in this southern country. Florida is actually pretty crime and disaster-free. Lets see why you absolutely should retire to Florida, and break a few stereotypes on the way, shall we?

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Ready To Move To One Of These Cities

To learn more about these Florida cities, check out Moving.coms City Profile Report feature. Our reports include city demographics, real estate information, quality of life factors and more. Simply enter the zip code or the state and city of your potential move to get a free report at the click of a button. If you think you want to make one of these cities your new home, you may need to hire professionals to handle your relocation. Fortunately, Moving.coms extensive network of reputable and reliable movers makes it easy to book the best moving company for the job. All relocation companies in our network are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands.

Solving For Fixed Income

Moving to Cape Coral Florida | Top 7 reasons to retire in Cape Coral Florida

Based on the estimated monthly expenses, housing, and Medicare, a household would need to generate the following per month to pay for the essentials.

  • Total Monthly Expenses with a Mortgage: $3,829.90 a month
  • Total Monthly Expenses With Rent: $3,501.90 a month

You will need a few sources of income coming in monthly to pay for these costs:

  • Social Security Income: A couple together would bring in an average of $3,086 per month.
  • Level Income Annuity: $175,000 in retirement savings would generate the additional $743.00 a month for life.
  • Increasing Income Annuity: $200,000 in retirement savings would generate the additional $743.00 a month for life and increase overtime to help with inflation.

Note* The annuity premium amounts can be lower depending on age and the amount of time deferring in the annuity before starting the income stream. Basically, the longer you wait to start the guaranteed lifetime income, the less money will be required to generate the desired income amount upfront.

You can find your Florida Social Security Administration office here.

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Payment Of Your Pension

Your state pension can be paid into a bank in Florida or a bank or building society in the UK. But you cannot choose to have it paid in to one country for part of the year, and a different country for the rest of the year.

You can use an account in your name, a joint account, or someone elses account if you have their permission and keep to the terms and conditions of the account.

The United Stated does not currently use IBAN numbers, as is the case some other countries. Instead, you will require your SWIFT code to receive payments from the UK to Florida.

You can choose to be paid every four or 13 weeks and will be paid in local currency the amount of money you get may change slightly due to exchange rates .

An Overabundance Of Boomers Critters Sweat And Weirdness Welcome To The Dark Side Of The Sunshine State

As retirement approaches and the punch of the coming polar vortex is conjuring dreams of warmer temperatures and a lost shaker of salt, you have Florida on your mind. After all, its the quintessential post-working world existence, so we’re told. But is it right for you?

Before you take the Florida plunge, let us offer some earnest advice: Try before you buy. Spend some serious leisure time in the Sunshine State. Just be sure to skip the hotel and instead rent an Airbnb in a residential area youre interested in, or park that RV you just bought in an RV-friendly place in Florida. Introduce yourself to the neighbors, shop and dine locally, and observe the rhythms of life. Stay a few days or, better, a few weeks and, as the realities of Florida living sink in, you might not like what you see.

To that end, we took a serious look at the downsides of retiring in Florida. Heres some of what we found.

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Small But Significant Drop

Is the long-standing trend of Jews retiring to South Florida on the decline? It depends how you look at the numbers, according to demographer Dr. Ira Sheskin.

Even though the percentage coming to Florida may be down, the number coming is probably not decreasing, and its not going to decrease, Sheskin, a member of the committee that completed both the 1990 and 2000-01 National Jewish Population Surveys, told JNS.org.

Why is that the case?

Starting last year the baby boomers began to retire, said Sheskin, director of the Jewish Demography Project of the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies at the University of Miami. There are 10,000 baby boomers a day in this country turning age 65. Even though the percentage coming to Florida may be somewhat lower, because there is an increase now of people retiring in this country over the next couple of decades, the number coming to Florida will still continue to increase.

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Sheskin has completed in excess of 110 demographic studies for more than 80 synagogues, Jewish organizations, and commercial entities. He said that according to the nationwide trend in elderly retirement, Florida is still, to this day, the overwhelming destination for retirees.

Sheskin estimates that there are now 555,000 total Jews living in that three-county area half of them 65 and over.

Sheskin has similar memories.

When It Comes To Good Housing Florida Isnt Lacking

Retire to Florida

Simply put, Floridians enjoy the little things in life their peace and quiet. Live and let live. Thats why many see it as desirable to retire to Florida. Florida, unfortunately, has not managed to stay out of the 08 housing bubble, even though significant recovery efforts have been made, and have produced results. If you want to retire to Florida, you will have to avoid the big cities, and especially city centers. The place youd want to avoid the most when you want to retire to Florida is obviously Miami. Its the most populous, and as a result, the prices on housing have jumped by a staggering amount.

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Its A Tax Haven For Retired People

Who likes paying high taxes if they had a choice? Not many people, thats for sure. Thats another reason why Florida is such a great choice for people to retire to its low taxes! In Florida, there is no state income tax, no tax on retirement income, or on social security benefits! That alongside the low rate on property taxes means that Florida is very attractive to those retirees who dont have a huge amount squirreled away in retirement can still live reasonably well without having to worry about huge tax bills. Florida is a great place for retirees to place their investments. They can save money on taxes throughout their retirement due to Floridas beneficial tax policies in their favor!

This means that the retired folk of Florida get the pleasure of spending their hard-earned cash on the things they enjoypursuing new hobbies and socializing!

The Best Places To Retire In Florida

When people imagine moving to Florida for their retirement, a question looms. Where is the place to retire in Florida?

Well, it depends.

As we age, and especially after we retire, we look for different things in a place to live. Access to good medical care, ease of transportation and lack of traffic and retiree-friendly activities all become more important.

Retired people live all over Florida. They can be found in all of the major cities, small towns, and everything in between.

Some retirees live in posh urban condos in Miami. Others live in quaint cracker cabins. Others live aboard boats in marinas, or sometimes even at anchor.

Note: There is a long history of retirees being taken advantage of in Florida, especially when they move from out-of-state.

Due-diligence is essential and should be a top priority for anyone, but especially people who are trying to enjoy their golden years.

For more about this I highly suggest checking out The Swamp Peddlers.

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Where To Retire In Boynton Beach:

Swim, play, dine, relax or socialize you can do as much or as little as you want at Valencia Sound in Boynton Beach. The nearly 39,000 square-foot Clubhouse with upscale indoor and outdoor amenities, including a full-service restaurant, sports lounge and multiple pickleball, tennis and bocce courts, provides the ultimate 55+ lifestyle in Boynton Beach. Hundreds of clubs are available to join, Broadway-style shows and entertainment are found in the Social Hall, classes on everything from art to fitness are scheduled at the Clubhouse, and tournaments are held at the world-class Racquet Club. Homes start in the $700ks.

Back To Nature Retirement In North Florida

Things you must know before retiring to Florida – Top Tips

This is another area with a lot of military retirees, thanks to the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, and the Navy Mayport Atlantic fleet port.

There are lots of attractions for sports fans in the area. Ponte Vedra Beach near Jacksonville is home to the Players Championship PGA golf tournament, held at the TPC Sawgrass. The course is famous for its Island Green at the par 3 17th hole.

Jacksonville is home to the Jaguars of the NFL. In what is billed as the nations largest cocktail party, the annual Georgic-Florida college football showdown is held in Jacksonville. The city is home to the NCAA Gator Bowl.

The state capital, Tallahassee, is located in North Florida. The city is also home to Florida State University.

Gainesville, Florida, is home to the University of Florida. It includes the universitys Shands Hospital, one of the top cancer facilities in the state.

St. Augustine is the countrys oldest permanent settlement. Its located on the Atlantic Coast, about an hour south of Jacksonville.

The inland area of North Florida offers plenty of recreational opportunities, especially for kayaking or canoeing on the many rivers found in the region.

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Where To Retire In Port St Lucie:

Valencia Grove at Riverland is the newest 55+ community on Floridas East Coast. Located in Port St. Lucie, Valencia Grove brings together GL Homes famous 55+ resort-style living with an amazing master site plan to create a Florida lifestyle thats second-to-none! At this new community, youll find a million ways to have fun. Walk to nearby shops and restaurants, spend the day at the beach or simply enjoy all the amenities right within your own neighborhood.

Get in on the ground floor of Floridas next top master planned community with prices starting in just the $300s.

Quality Of Life Total Points: 3333

  • Adjusted Cost of Living: Full Weight
  • Housing unit lacks complete kitchen facilities
  • Housing unit lacks complete plumbing facilities
  • Household is severely overcrowded.
  • Discount Stores per Capita*: Full Weight
  • Elderly-Friendly Labor Market: Full Weight Note: This composite metric measures the following:
  • Ratio of Part-Time to Full-Time Workers Aged 65 & Older.
  • Violent-Crime Rate: Full Weight
  • Property-Crime Rate: Full Weight
  • Air Quality: Full Weight
  • Water Quality: Full Weight Note: This metric measures the number of drinking water violations from Community Water Systems per 100,000 Residents.
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